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Save 1 Million Clicks a Day With One Simple Change

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Announcing the Quadruple Aim Physician Leadership Retreat - Seattle, Washington, May 7 – 10, 2017

Addressing the Physician Burnout Epidemic – over 10,000 Doctors Trained to Recognize and Prevent Burnout in 2016

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Physician Burnout in Britain - NHS invests 19M Pounds in new 'burnout service'

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Mayo Clinic CEO - fire your doctor if you suspect physician burnout

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Online Doctor Haters ... just gotta hate

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General Surgery Resident Burnout Prevalence at 69% !

Our Client - Avera Health - wins national physician wellbeing award

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Of Course Physician Burnout is a Public Health Crisis

Physician Coaches here at

Physician Resilience – a Stronger Canary is Never Enough

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When healthcare quality measures fail us all

Physician Burnout Rates Top 50% in US

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Physician Burnout - EMR Shaming has to STOP

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18 Silly ICD-10 Codes

ICD-10 and the most interesting man in the world

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The Creative Destruction of Physician Burnout – a Four Step Path to Engagement

Body Scan Guided Imagery - whole body virtual massage

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Physician Burnout is NOT a Problem

A Quality Healthcare Administrator? - the Three Commandments

Physician Burnout - NHS wants you to turn your colleagues in

The Four Causes of Physician Burnout Video Training

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The Lane County Medical Society Physician Wellness Program

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Stop Physician Burnout - Building a better day off

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Resident Wellness Program Key Considerations Podcast

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Happy Holidays and Thank YOU for a Wonderful 2014

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The Medical Marriage - Date Night Power Tips and more ...

Quadruple Aim - is it the antidote to Physician Burnout?

Physician Burnout Book - The first step by step guide to your Ideal Practice

Physician Burnout Workshop Tweet Stream #AAFP2014

Physician Burnout Lessons from Albert Einstein

EMR Power Training - Two Ways to Lower Your TITO

Doctor Patient Communication - Stop the "Oh By the Way ..."

Physician Burnout Vulnerability and Group Culture

Patient Satisfaction should never be 100%

Physician Burnout - How to Turn the Corner

Physician Burnout's Highest and Best Use

Multitasking makes you stupid - do these 3 things instead

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Physician Burnout - Who Will Save Us

Patient Communication - What to do when a patient says thank you

Healthcare's new Age of Engagement - bold steps you can take now

Patient and Physician Engagement - the Missing Step

Work Life Balance for Physicians - How to Tip the Scales

Stop Physician Burnout - The Employed Physician Guide to Managing Your Boss

Code Lavender and Preventing PTSD in Healthcare

Make 2014 Your Best Year Yet With this Breakthrough Process Download

The Difference: Time Off vs. Life Balance - 3 keys for vacations and holidays

Physician Group Culture Trumps Burnout, Maintains Physician Autonomy

Skinny Data Mining Skills to Improve Your Practice Day

9 Reasons Physicians Hate EMR - The 2013 RAND Study

Physician Burnout Vs. the Bottom Line - the Epic Battle

The Formula for Physician Engagement

How Physicians Decide to Become Doctors

Our eHealth Love Affair is Going To Kill People

Physician Burnout Podcast on the Relentless Dentist Show

Physician Wellness Retreat and the Float Plane Bucket List Dance [video]

Become the Eye of the Storm With this Guided Meditation

Physician Job Search - Interview Questions You MUST Ask

Physician Job Search Mistake #1 and How To Avoid It

Why Employed Physicians Quit

Physician Burnout Podcast on This Week in Health Innovation

Physician Burnout To MD Rapper To Thought Leader - ZDoggMD on Ted Med

Work Life Balance - Frustration is a Call to Action

Physician Leadership Gets Easy When You Do These 3 Things

Physician Burnout - When Being Smart Gets In Your Way

Employed Physicians Top Gripes

EHR Implementation Struggles - 3 Ways Forward

Physician Burnout Video, Intention Journaling and the Treasure Hunt

Physician Burnout – Breaking out of Survival Mode

Physician Wellness Retreat 2013 – the Heart of the Healer

Time Management is a Myth – Manage THIS instead

Batch Processing and Patient Flow – Get Home On Time This Week

Physician Burnout Can Kill You – CHD is just one way

Physician Burnout the Enlightened CFO and the Business Case for Physician Wellbeing

Prevent Physician Burnout With These Mobile Apps

Physician Burnout – Pathophysiology and 2 Main Prevention Techniques

Physician Wellness – Why It’s Such a Struggle

The Physician Friendly Organization Scorecard

Physician Survey 2013 – Physician Burnout and Stress in Healthcare

Disruptive Physician Toolkit

Patient Satisfaction and P4P – Three Things Doctors Need to Know

Physician Burnout Podcast Audio – From Doctor to Entrepreneur, My Story

Physician Engagement? First Break All The Rules

Are Physicians the Canary in the Coal Mine of Medicine

Physician Websites

Physician Burnout Symptoms and Gender Differences [Video]

Work Life Balance Planning Formula 1 + 1 = 53

Physician Burnout – 2012's Top 3 Prevention Tools

Concierge Medicine will get Massive Boost from Obamacare

Physician Burnout Podcast Audio – the 4 Causes of Physician Burnout and Slaying the EMR Devil

The Breakthrough Process – Building Your Best Year Yet

Patient Flow and the Broken Record Method to Get Home Sooner

Physician Leadership, Patient Flow and Team Huddle POWER Training

Work Life Balance Schedule HACK for Busy Doctors

Work Life Balance – the #1 Life Balance Skill

Physician Burnout – Pathophysiology and Treatment of Burnout

Stop Physician Burnout: TheHappiest Doctors Build this Venn Diagram

Work Life Balance for Doctors – Day Hike to Hidden Lake Lookout

Work Life Balance for Doctors – building your "OFF" switch

Work Life Balance for Physicians - Scheduled Spontaneity

Physician Wellness - How to tell if Your Group Cares

Physician Burnout: The Four Horsemen of the Physician Burnout Apocalypse

Concierge Medicine will be driven by looming Doctor Shortage

Work Life Balance for Doctors – Whistler Mountain Hike

Employed Physician – Is Respect a Number?

The Placebo Effect and Medical Apps – Is there one?

Talk to Your Doctor so Your Doctor Will Listen

Prevent Physician Burnout with 3 Simple Stress Relieving Games

Physician Burnout – 3 Signs and 3 Simple Prevention Steps

Physician leadership, patient flow and the BID Team Huddle

Doctor Patient Communication – The Universal Upset Patient Protocol

Physician Leadership: Monthly Staff Meeting Power Up and Team Venting Process

Cost of Healthcare and Average Life Expectancy World Averages show USA a MASSIVE Outlier – InfoGraphic

Employed Physician’s Top Four Gripes

Work Life Balance Keys: Anchor to a Super Habit

Hearts in Healthcare – Rehumanizing the Healthcare System

Physician Burnout – Abraham Maslow would say it is a Calling

Medical Costs could fall by $36 Billion annually with price transparency

Work Life Balance and Your Big Rocks

Physician Leadership Skills – 3 Reasons Doctors Make Poor Leaders and What You Can Do About It

Medical Records Quality – Dictation Comes In Last for Doctors

Work Life Balance Top 3 Success Factors

Medical Bills Going Down If You Pay Cash – Way Down

Dike Drummond MD Joins Innovative Healthcare Speakers Bureau

Physician Burnout and Hospitalists

Physician Wellness Definition – Thriving vs. Surviving

Burnout Symptoms in Physicians Are Different in Men and Women

Compassion Fatigue, Physician Burnout and Your Emotional Bank Account

Dr. Oz, Electronic Medical Records, the Fifteen Minute Physical and The State of Healthcare in America

Stop Being a Victim of Your Career – Why Venting is Not Enough

Bucket List – 3 Steps To Actually Living Yours

Part Time Doctor – Physician Schedule Flexibility and the New Normal

Death With Dignity in the Emergency Room

Doctor Jokes- You Know You Are a Doctor When …

Medical Career Overwhelm – Step One to Take Your Life Back

Healthcare Social Media is a Waste of Time for Most Doctors

Physician Burnout – the Three Symptoms, Three Phases and Three Cures

Patient Responsibility – What to do if they Won't Take Any?

Medical Innovations for the Real World: The Universal Anesthesia Machine

Medical School Burnout Common and Leads to Unprofessional Patient Care

Healing the Healers: End the Battlefield Mentality and Support Your Colleagues when They Need it Most

Antibiotics for a Virus? How to Just Say No

Work Life Balance for Physicians – Three Steps to Saying NO with Grace and Power

Monty Python Hospital Sketch – still hilarious after all these years

Online Healthcare Discussions 98% Patient or Caregiver Driven

The Doctor will SKYPE You Now

Energy Vampires and Physician Burnout – Stop the Downward Spiral !

Disney Anti-Obesity Exhibit Shut Down after “flood of complaints”

Death With Dignity – Oregon Family Doctor Peter Goodwin

5 Leadership Lessons from Star Trek: Captain James T. Kirk

Healthcare Costs So Much More in the US – it's the Monopoly Factor

Doctor Charged with Murder for Overprescribing Pain Meds

Electronic Access Increases Test Ordering Behavior

Physician Burnout and the Definition of Crazy

Medical Malpractice and Income: Poor People Don’t Sue More Frequently

The Future of Healthcare Survey: Does it include Doctors?

A New Practice Model – Front for the Russian Mafia?

Doctors and Nurses: Doctors need to Order Less, Listen More

Yoga and Medicine – 2012 Mountain Pose Symposium

12 Worst Medical Technology Dangers

Physician Burnout Quote of the Week

Health insurance industry has worst customer service – Survey Says

Sleep Deprivation and Physicians – We’re #4 of most Sleep Deprived Jobs Survey Shows

Physician Burnout Presents Differently in Male and Female Doctors

Bizarre Hospital-Themed Restaurant in Latvia

The Happy Advantage – Shawn Achor Video [amazing]

Physician Burnout: Why its not a Fair Fight

Health Care Products that Work – Creating Innovative Disruption by Design

Healthcare jobs – fastest growing job sector in next decade

Medical Malpractice Fear Drives Doctors to Order Too Many Tests MD Survey Shows

Physician Bullying – Doctor on Doctor Harrassment

Stress and Doctors – Cultivating Your Monk(ey) Mind

Patient Satisfaction – Simple Steps Hospitals Can Take

Primary Care Physicians – Why Wellpoint wants to pay you more

Physician Wellness – Saying “NO” to Endless Hours and Solo Practice

Hospital Customer Service Programs taking off …

Can Social Games cause real Health Behavior Modification

Health Costs – the inverted Iceberg of healthcare expenditures in the USA

“No” is the New “Yes”: Four Practices to Reprioritize Your Life

Empathy creates better outcomes – study shows

How Doctors Die

Medical Quote: Rachel Naomi Remen

Empathy Fatigue in Medicine – is Compassion the Cure

Physician Burnout – Common Symptoms

Physician Burnout – 2011 Survey Says …

Physician Careers – The New Rules

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