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Our Physician Coaching Services are tightly focused on helping you reach your goals more quickly and easily than you can do on your own. Professional Physician Coaching provides you with a success partner who keeps you laser focused on your vision and taking steady action towards your goals.

Your coach is both a physician and an experienced executive coach. They understand the unique challenges physicians face in their practice and when you choose to take on a leadership role.

Physician coaching occurs in one hour calls by phone or Skype. This is one precious hour where the two of you focus focus ON your practice rather than focusing on the whirlwind going on IN your practice day. Your shared strategic viewpoint is 100% focused on you - your vision, your goals, your personal and professional development.


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Each of our coaches offers a FREE Discovery Session Consult
A full hour by phone or Skype to learn more about your situation and give you a Strategic Plan for a way forward.

- No Cost - No Obligation - Completely Confidential

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Physician Coaching Areas of Focus

Physician Burnout Coaching

Physician Job Search Coaching

Physician On-Boarding

Physician Leadership Coaching

Physician Entrepreneur Coaching

1) Physician Burnout and Stress Management Coaching

If you are over stressed in your current practice and saying to yourself, “I can’t go on like this for much longer” our physician burnout coaching program can help.

You will learn everything you were never taught about physician burnout. The causes, effects, pathophysiology and consequences. 

Then we build a step-by-step action plan to lower your stress, create a more ideal practice and a more balanced life.


Physician Coaching Client Feedback:

"I have my sanity back"

“I was burned out and dreading going to work every day. I had become the jaded and angry doctor that I swore I would never be when I was a med student. I was physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted. I was so afraid that work would never get better, so why try. I felt trapped.

The beauty of the program is the simplicity and that the stress relief steps can merge into a busy life almost effortlessly. With a full time job that has Q4 primary call and 2 kids under 2 years old, I don’t have time to squeeze extraneous things in. Dike’s program is distilled down to manageable sections even I could find time for.

Having an actual person to be accountable to, a doctor who has been there and understands exactly what I amgoing through was immensely helpful. Knowing that I was going to report back to someone kept me from cheating on steps and cutting corners.

I have changed for the better and am one step closer to being the physician I want to become and have a plan on how to get the rest of the way there.“

~ J.K. DO

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2)Physician Leadership Skill Development

If you are in a physician leadership position – or thinking about accepting one – you will quickly realize you are not prepared to lead a non-clinical work team. You can't simply point at the problem and give orders. Administration, management, meeting facilitation and effective business communications are skill sets you don't know you are missing right now. 

The only way to avoid becoming the personification of the Peter Principle is to learn these skills on the job as quickly as possible. An MBA or leadership seminar are of no use in the day to day of front line leadership. Your skill development requires consistent planning, practice sessions and learning by debriefing your experience week after week.

Fortune 500 executives know this. Many of them have executive coaches. Now you can too. Physicians often don’t realize the top-down default leadership style we learn in our medical education is extremely inefficient. Collaborative leadership, focused on expanding the capacities of your team is a learning curve that you can learn by practicing on the job with the help of your physician coach. 

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3) Physician Job Search

If you are contemplating changing jobs – you will fall into the bass ackwards trap of the default job search methods we learn when we are accepted to medical school, residency and fellowship. You must deprogram yourself from the overwhelming desire to be the one chosen for the job in order to have any chance of making a move to a more ideal position.

Time and time again I meet physicians who recently quit what they thought was a terrible job only to find that this one ... is far worse. They jumped right out of the frying pan and into the fire.

Do not quit your current job without a free consult from one of our physician coaches. If your current position is not working, your coach can help you get crystal clear on your ideal job description and build a transition plan to get there. 

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4) Physician Entrepreneur Coaching

Whether you are looking to add a cash service to your practice or make a move to a completely different career, you will struggle until you recognize the blind spots in your awareness as a business person.

You can make the transition you seek, however your success is predicated on high quality skills in business development, leadership and sales and marketing. The support of a seasoned physician entrepreneur provides a rapid start to your first sale and a dramatic shortening of your learning curve.


"A dream come true"

“I needed help with doing something I have dreamed of for a long time and never done before – filling my high end retreat in Italy. I was unclear on how to describe the experience and had no marketing plan or strategy when I contacted Dike.

We developed a revenue model, website language and a detailed plan to reach out to people in my network and on the internet. In just three months, the retreat is full. My family and I and a wonderful group of clients are spending two weeks in Tuscany this summer. Yes!
Our work was immediately helpful. I was able to learn exactly what to do next on each call. Dike’s coaching was convenient, easy, effective - which are words I did not have in my head when we first connected.

This has been a priceless experience for me.”

~ T.C. MD 

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5) Physician on-boarding

If you are taking a new position shortly – especially if you are moving into a leadership or executive role – understanding the process of “on-boarding” is essential. As a clinician you can simply walk in on day one and start seeing patients. In a leadership/executive role things can be VERY different.

There is a orderly process to the first 90 days of coming on board in any new leadership position. Physician coaching is essential to help you maintain your awareness and blend into the culture of your new workplace quickly and easily.

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6) Disruptive Physician Coaching

Our Disruptive Physician Coaching Program has three unique features.

  • We design and facilitate the signing of a specific contract - between the disruptive doctor and their employer - creating a mandatory leadership development program.
  • We use a physician specific 360 assessment polling all the physicians and staff in direct contact with the disruptive physician at baseline and every quarter they continue in the program.
  • After an initial day on site our coaching occurs in weekly calls with a coach who is a physician. The disruptive doctor modifies their behavior and learns new skills while remaining on the job under the combined guidance and supervision of their physician coach and their employer.

CLICK HERE for complete details on our Disruptive Physician Coaching Services

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The Power of Physician Coaching

Physician coaching combines information and learning, awareness, skill building, action planning and weekly accountability into an experience that guarantees personal growth and professional achievement.

Physician coaching is different than our popular images of what it means to be a coach … you know, the guy on the sidelines who is always yelling at you. Physician coaching occurs in weekly phone calls where you learn and practice the skills you need to reach your goals. Your physician coach is a true partner, interested in you being successful and becoming a more powerful person and leader along the way.

All of our physician coaches are certified as professional coaches and are themselves physicians. They have been through the same medical education processes you have  and understand the built in biases and blind spots all physicians share.

Your coach is a seasoned physician and physician leader who helps you ...

=> Clarify your vision and goals. What is it you really want here?

=> Give you objective, strategic feedback

- Here’s where you are getting in your own way
- Here is a more powerful way to accomplish that goal

=> Show you new levels of awareness necessary to reach your new goals

=> Learn and practice new skills

- Emotional Intelligence, communication and meeting facilitation skills
- The opportunity to practice important conversations and negotiations until you are comfortable and have anticipated the worst case scenario and constructed an meaningful response
- Collaborative Leadership, Appreciative Inquiry

=> Your coach will hold you accountable to Implement your new awareness and skills over time

- After Action Review – what worked, what didn’t, what did you learn, what will
you do differently
- Correct and continue

The Result is steady progress toward your goals and a permanent upgrade in your Skills and Awareness


Explore what is possible for you in a Free Physician Coach Discovery Session Consult

This is one full hour on the phone with me to discuss your situation in detail and give you a detailed personal strategic plan. You will have a solid understanding of how to proceed and how physician coaching might help.

  • You can find a time that works for you in a single click.
  • We can connect by phone or Skype.
  • We can be talking as soon as tomorrow.

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If you have ANY questions, please contact me directly using this web form,

I look forward to meeting you in a consultation soon. Until then, keep breathing and have a great rest of your day,


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