Our Physician Wellness Strategy Template

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Our Quadruple Aim Blueprint Webinar
The Blueprint for your Physician Wellness Strategy
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We share our 12 year, 40,000 doctor experience preventing physician burnout and our corporate wellness strategy template.

The Webinar is Ideal For:

  • Chief Wellness Officers
  • Wellness Champions
  • C-suite and other Senior Healthcare Leaders
  • All Physicians, Staff and Administrators interested in playing a role in the Wellness Strategy going forward

If you understand WHY

- the health and wellness of your people are critical to the survival of your organization

Let us show you HOW

- to build a proactive organization-wide wellness strategy NOW

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Learn How to Design and Deploy your Organization's Wellness Strategy in our Blueprint Webinar

Every patient care organization needs to understand the simple steps to build a wellness strategy for your people.

It is time to go ALL IN ON WELLNESS

  • Physician burnout rates are hovering around 50% here in the wake of COVID-19.

  • Critical short staffing of all support personnel are crippling care delivery nationwide with no end in sight.

  • We are seeing the first glimpses of the inevitable retirement cliff of boomer doctors. NOTE: 45% of US doctors are 55 and over. Look around your next Med Staff meeting. What is the average age of your physicians?

  • We are seeing more and more signs of true despair every day coming to us through our network of industry contacts.


Here is my heartfelt request:
Please stop all the wellness "box checking" that leaves your people unprotected and at risk.

Understand this ...

Having a Chief Wellness Officer - is NOT a Wellness Strategy

Having a Crisis Hotline - is NOT a Wellness Strategy

Having physician peer coaches - is NOT a Wellness Strategy

Teaching mindfulness - is NOT a Wellness Strategy

Each of these are worthy components of an actual Wellness Strategy but not nearly enough to combat the modern burnout epidemic destroying your people's hearts, minds and the quality of care they provide every day.

Unfortunately, many senior leaders implement ONE OF THESE AND THEN STOP. They check the box on burnout and carry on business as usual.

You can check the box, dust off your hands as if your job is done ... and keep driving the RVU gerbil wheel. That will still be possible - for a short while. 

And very soon, the organizations with a functioning Wellness Strategy will be the only ones left standing. They will be the only employers capable of recruiting and retaining enough of the rapidly shrinking pool of physicians to keep the doors open.


In this webinar you will learn:

  • A four-bucket burnout prevention BLUEPRINT

  • The Wellness Leadership skills and personnel needed to design it

  • and the Triple Competitive Advantage available to organizations who deploy it. 


Quadruple Aim Blueprint Webinar
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  • One hour of Internet Point-of-care AMA PRA Category 1 CME Credit™




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... and I will see you on the Webinar!




What is your organization's corporate wellness strategy and is it of any use to you during the course of a normal practice week?



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