Become the Eye of the Storm With this Guided Meditation (CME)

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

mbsr guided meditation for doctors dike drummondEye of the Storm Lessons - this is your home base. 

#2 of the Seven Habits of Physician Wellbeing is "Be the Eye of the Storm".

Most of us are so used to being hassled, harried, overwhelmed and bothered by the WHIRLWIND of the day-to-day practice of medicine -- that the ability to remain calm seems ridiculous or like a distant fantasy.

That is exactly why I created "The Lake" Guided Meditation to help you find your way back.
You can listen or download the audio below.

Deep in your core, you have a center that is calm, peaceful, at ease and unbothered. It is just hard to find a way there after even just a few months of medical school, never mind a whole career as a practicing physician.  

We must reconnect your Calling with your ability to be the Eye of the Storm or exhaustion is inevitable. Caring for patients is not easy. This is the best way to maintain focus, preserve your energy and feel good about your work even at the end of the busiest days. 

Guided meditation can give you a way back to that inner safe harbor.

If you are already using the SqueeGee Breath at work
- we teach this head-to-toe breath in our One Minute Mindfulness online training for physicians - then this oasis of calm is available to you at the bottom of each exhale ... no matter what is going on around you. And this is only one of five downloadable guided imagery recordings in the One Minute Mindfulness Program.



Why "The Lake"?

Your favorite lake is the perfect metaphor for the calm, deep, unflappable place inside of you that never gets bent out of shape. 

You can hit a lake with a hammer all you want ... all you get is a rusty hammer.

A tornado can blow over a lake and only ruffle the surface. The depths remain calm and undisturbed. 

An Eye of the Storm experience is guaranteed once you are able to connect with your Lake Essence quickly and simply at work

The Lake

Reconnect with the calm Lake Essence you carry within. Listen every day if you need to. Remember, Practice Makes .... [BETTER]

NOTE: You can download the audio track with that little down pointing arrow in the top right corner of the player below.

This Guided Meditation is Eligible for CME Credit

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The Lake Guided Meditation
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This imagery is a Free MP3 download to your computer. It can then be uploaded to your cell phone or other mobile device so you can listen wherever and whenever you wish. If you don't know how to do this and have teenage children, they would be happy to show you how ;-)

NOTE: Please don't listen to this recording while driving or operating any kind of machinery. It is very relaxing and an eyes closed experience.


When you tap into your inner Lake Essence at work or home, wht difference do you notice that it makes?


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