Gita Pensa MD - a 12 Year Malpractice Journey - Lessons Learned

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

gita-pensa-medical-malpractice-litigation-physician-burnoutWhat lessons can we all learn from being sued for malpractice?

So many learnings on so many layers. About lawsuits and lawyers, settlements and verdicts. About human nature and most importantly about yourself and career choice to be a physician.

There is no better teacher of these lessons than Gita Pensa MD

In Physicians On Purpose (POP) Podcast #18...
Let her show you a magnificent 12 year saga of ups and downs, detailing exactly what she learned, inside and out, in the process.

POP Podcast 18:
Dr. Gita Pensa - 12 Year Malpractice Litigation Journey


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“I would just like to remind everybody that you and your life and your practice are more than any one case.” - Dr. Gita Pensa


  • (03:30) An extraordinary case
  • (09:40) The trauma from trial
  • (11:56) To succumb or to swim
  • (14:48) Two prime directives
  • (21:46) A turn for the better
  • (23:48) Starting a podcast
  • (24:51) Dancing with the doctors
  • (28:58) Family and peer support
  • (32:18) Self-help books
  • (35:26) Closure and healing



Have you been involved with malpractice litigation and what did you learn in the process?



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