Are CHATBOTS Really a Solution to Physician Burnout? One Tech CEO's Nirvana Scenario

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

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Let me show you the ChatBot Nirvana that Tech CEOs pitch their investors about the future of healthcare, and see what you think. (please leave a comment)

When you (or your mom) have a healthcare concern, who do you want to talk to ... a nurse or a CHATBOT?

(remember for a moment, the last time you had to yell *REPRESENTATIVE* more than four times just to get a human because the bot sucked so bad!!)


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Here is an article from HealthcareIT News with the title:

Chatbots and related automation can ease staffing shortages, triage patients

Not only does this article say CHATBOTS of the future will ease physician burnout - another example of the Tech industry's Pitch Du Jour - here is this guru's prediction of the nature of the patient and provider experience with these miracle CHATBOT programs of the future.

Here is Murray Brozinsky, CEO, Conversa Health waxing lyrical ...

" ... automated systems using chatbots will become the faithful patient companions of the future.

They will do the heavy lifting – collecting vital patient-generated health data, combining it with other patient data, analyzing it and recommending next best actions to help orchestrate the right blend of care for each patient.

We'll know we've succeeded in making this a seamless experience when instead of referring to a blend of physical, virtual, and automated experiences, or hybrid care, we simply call it healthcare."


WOW ... REALLY ...
what are YOUR Thoughts about this tech CEO's fever dream of ChatBot Nirvana??


We will need more chatbots, Augmented Intelligence and Machine Learning in the near future because of the physician retirement cliff we are about to Thelma-and-Loise off of ...

But this idyllic experience is NOT what I anticipate, nor do I think it possible any time soon.



Here is the article reference again: 




  • What is your current experience of chatbots and other tech automations of the patient encounter?
  • What do you expect in the next three years in terms of how the quality of a patient encounter would be changed by more bots in the mix?



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