Inadequate Staffing Ratios Kill Patients and Burn Out Nurses and Doctors

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

My sister Dana is a chef turned EMT and now a Nurse. She made the career move from a desire to make a deeper difference.

She sent me this incredible video today. It is an amazing testimonial to the impact of corporate greed on the lives and careers of nurses and doctors everywhere. Blaming this workforce decimation on COVID and abusive patients is false and deceptive. 

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  • Nurses are leaving the healing professions and doctors are close behind. 
  • The root cause is not about COVID or abusive patients.
  • It is about the organizations that employ nurses using systemic understaffing for increased profits.

This video is about nurses

The same dynamics are in place for employee physicians

The same retirement cliff and workforce collapse among physicians is underway.


Realize that any time your employer can get the patients seen and the billings done with fewer people, profits go up.

This is a fundamental business reality.

There is always pressure from the Profit & Loss statement to understaff at all levels of the organization. It even has a name "running a Tight Ship" or running "Lean".

Any time you show up to a workplace with too few doctors, nurses, MA's, receptionists and you ask for more staff --  and get ghosted or ignored or "not in the budget" ... that is driven by the profit motive.

There is a tremendous negative financial incentive to staff for optimal care.

When understaffing drives workers to retire or quit, one common tactic is to blame and shame the workers for

  • not caring enough
  • not being a team player
  • or not having what it takes. 

That is pure leadership evil and a "tell" that you should get out of there ASAP.



What are you seeing in your organization and your town re: staffing and losing good staff?
Do you have enough staff to do a good job?
What happens when you ask for appropriate levels of support?



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