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Since 2010, TheHappyMD.com has been the leader in the prevention of physician burnout for individual doctors and healthcare organizations.

NEW-stop-physician-burnout-the-happy-md-dike-drummond_opt200W.jpgIf you want to understand, prevent and treat physician burnout
- whether you are an individual doctor
- or CEO of a multi-state healthcare organization

... We are the ones who help you get it done.


in 2010 we started with a simple Mission:
The Creative Destruction of Physician Burnout

Everything began with hands-on coaching experience.
TheHappyMD.com originated with our CEO and Founder, Dike Drummond MD, as the first coaching practice 100% dedicated to helping individual doctors recover from burnout.  [ Dr. Drummond's Full Bio is Here ]

In 2010 Dr. Drummond launched TheHappyMD.com website and first obtained position #1 on Google for the search term "physician burnout" with the article, "Physician burnout, why it's not a fair fight".  He rapidly accumulated physician coaching clients in all specialties and now has over 2100 hours of one-on-one physician coaching experience.

Then the book
Lessons learned helping hundreds of physicians recover from burnout were incorporated into dozens of blog posts here on the website. Dr. Drummond then used these proven tools to write the ground breaking book Stop Physician Burnout- what to do when working harder isn't working. With over 40,000 copies sold, it has rapidly become the reference text to burnout prevention for modern doctors.


The APP:
We also developed the world's first smart phone APP to Prevent Physician Burnout. It provides you with one touch access to 48 resources in video, audio and document format. You can learn a burnout lesson in six minutes and put it to use the very same day for instant results.

Training delivered to tens of thousands of doctors
In response to organizations requesting a team intervention for burnout, Dike designed the Burnout Proof LIVE Workshop which has now been delivered to over 30,000 physicians for 163 Corporate Clients.

In working with senior leaders, he also developed a whole line of leadership trainings to 
- Help physician leaders recognize, prevent and treat burnout in themselves and others
- Build a culture of support and engagement in the organization
- Hard wire the Quadruple Aim into the entire program



A research-proven mindfulness program
Dr. Drummond created the One Minute Mindfulness Online Training program to bring the benefits of mindfulness to practicing doctors at the point of care with a single breath. A research project with 24 volunteer physicians proved both short and long term benefit of the online training delivery mechanism and the Squeegee Breath technique.

A whole team of certified physician burnout coaches
As coaching demand continued to increase, Dike hand selected five board certified physicians - who are also coaches - and trained them in his burnout coaching techniques. These coaches are now part of the coaching team at TheHappyMD.com. All of them are now accepting individual clients and corporate referrals.

Meet our team of physician coaches:


Physician coach certification process

We are in the process of formalizing the structure and content of the Physician Burnout Coach Certification Training process with a plan to recruit public classes in the fall of 2019.

Physician job search training

Dr. Drummond also designed the Ideal Physician Job Search Formula Online Training to teach physicians how to conduct a high quality job search and find a much more Ideal Practice ... the first time.



We are declaring 2019 and beyond the Era of the Quadruple Aim in the healthcare industry.

With the majority of physicians in the US soon to be employees, we will deploy our coaching, training and consulting in two main areas of focus:
- Individual Physicians ... helping them lower stress, build more life balance and a more Ideal Practice

- Healthcare Organizations ... helping a select few enlightened companies hard wire the Quadruple Aim into the fabric of their systems and culture.

The Quadruple Aim

Guiding Principle:
The only authentic foundation for quality, lower cost and the patient experience is the health and wellbeing of the doctors and staff who provide the care.

stop-physician-burnout-quadruple-aim-russian-nested-dolls-OPT-240W.jpgRealize the Quadruple Aim is a nested phenomenon - like the famous Russian dolls. 

Level One:
Does the individual provider know how to support their own health and wellbeing?

Level Tw0:
Do the physicians in leadership positions understand how to support the health and wellbeing of the people on their teams - in addition to their own health and wellbeing?

Level Three:
Does the organization have the structures and processes in place to support the health and wellbeing of all employees?

For 90% of healthcare organizations, these questions will result in three consecutive NO's.

We will partner with the few physician employers who understand the truth and simplicity of the Quadruple Aim to work on all three levels above. Our work will produce a triple competitive advantage for the organization:

1) they will become the provider of choice to local payors - offering higher quality care naturally and automatically.

2) They become the employer of choice for the local unaffiliated doctors because of the way their people are treated.

3) They will become a more nimble, adaptable organization going forward due to naturally higher levels of trust and engagement and much lower turnover rates.

Learn More at our Corporate Support Services page

You will find full details on the different ways we can help you hard wire the Quadruple Aim into your organization.

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