Physicians are all Lightworkers in a Whirlwind

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Physicians are Lightworkers

We made a choice long ago to ally our professional career to the forces of Light in the universe ... battling specific forces of Darkness - illness, suffering, death and dying.

Every day an invisible, swirling wall blocks us from helping and healing and making the difference we dreamed of when we went to medical school

We are LIGHTWORKERS in a daily WHIRLWIND and this is the main cause of burnout at the level of heart, soul and spirit.

I reveal and narrate this battle in this 3 Minute Video  

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I invite you to take a couple of minutes with me right now to dig just a little bit deeper into why it is that people who work in health care taking care of patients are at a higher risk for burnout than folks who don't. And I think I've got a little bit of a handle on why this is true.

It's because we all belong to a specific tribe, a tribe, a group of people that are bonded in work, work of service, of helping and of healing. In fact, I believe the best description is that we're all Lightworkers

Let me tell you what I mean. All of us, you and me and everybody else who went into healthcare at one point in time were standing at a fork in the road, a choice point where you could go into health care, or you could do anything else. For me, it was I could go to medical school, or I could do anything else.

And we took the road less traveled, we made an extraordinary decision to choose a life of service. Remember, this was when all your stoner friends said, “I am so out of here, you're crazy man”. Because they knew this was going to be long and hard and difficult.

Maybe they even knew more about that than we did. Because he have to admit, when you made this choice to go into healthcare, you had no idea what the training journey was going to be. And you could not have had an idea of what it would be like to practice medicine to care for patients in this modern world.

Because when we chose to ally, our professional life with this forces of light in the universe, as we battle the forces of darkness, illness, suffering, death, dying, and family members crazed attempts to deal with those things. When we made that choice, we had no idea what it was going to be like to walk in the whirlwind of the workplace, the whirlwind of your practice every single day, and try to make a difference, to be that helper and that healer, to live that life of purpose and meaning to make a difference in the way that you intended when you made the choice in the first place.

So from my experience, things have gotten a little out of balance, task overload and your workday gets in the way of your ability to connect with your patients and feel like you've made the difference that you want to make.

And that's one of the sources of burnout, being separated from your Lightworker Essence, by the simple busyness of the modern practice of medicine.

So these tools are to give you some new awareness, some new strategies to take back some of that balance. The pendulum has swung out to busyness and away from meaning let's pull it back again.

And let you live the extraordinary life that you planned at the point when you made this extraordinary decision.

You're ready to get started?

Dive into the next lesson because I've got a lot of stuff I'm really excited about showing to you

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  • Do you feel this description of a LIGHTWORKER captures some of your intentions in becoming a physician?
  • How is the balance between your Whirlwind and your Lightworker essence these days?

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