Is this Live Training a Physician Burnout Vaccine?

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

How can a one-hour training at a Medical Staff Meeting change a doctor's life?

Several times a month I meet a doctor who tells me,

"I saw you at a Medical Staff meeting (six) years ago.
I want you to know you changed my life.
I wouldn't have made it without that night and your book.
My wife/husband said I had to make sure I told you."

What a pleasure and a true honor to know that what we did together made a positive difference for that doctor's practice, their patients and their family. Wow!

And none of it was by accident.

All of our trainings are designed for immediate impact for anyone who is ready for change.

Get Us Started on a LIVE Training Event for Your People
In-Person, on ZOOM or Video-on-Demand


We share our 12 year, 40,000 doctor and 175 organization experience helping you recognize and prevent physician burnout.


We do everything we can to avoid the just-another-boring-lecture that only talks ABOUT physician burnout and gives you a literature review and nothing more.

Cue the voice of Charlie Brown's teacher ...


Do Not FAIL !

When the topic is a life threatening issue like Physician Burnout you will make things worse if your event doesn't give your people practical, simple tools that make an immediate difference in their practice week.

We won't let that happen again.

I invested a decade in the study and practice of multisensory learning; designing experiences that tap all your senses to help you:

  • learn more
  • remember it longer
  • and recall it more easily

Then we make sure you:

  • discuss what you learned with a partner
  • and you have a written action plan when you leave the event

Here is a video of a Partner Share at the end of one of our Live Events.

We designed all of our trainings to produce a specific transformation in the learner.

If you are at a teachable moment in your practice or your life, we provide the tools that make a positive difference.

Everything we teach is:

  • Simple to learn
  • Simple to implement
  • Effective immediately 
  • Works every time you use it


[ full Training Catalog is Here ]

  • How to recognize and prevent burnout in yourself and others
  • Get home sooner
  • Build life balance
  • And a more Ideal Practice
  • Leadership power tools to stop working so hard
  • How to Manage Your Boss
  • Skills to be the Eye of the Storm in your practice day


Get Us Started on a LIVE Training Event for Your People
In-Person, on ZOOM or Video-on-Demand


LIVE Burnout PROOF Workshop - NOT Another Boring Lecture
Learn Tools to Recognize and Prevent Burnout in Yourself and Others
All proven by our 12 years and 40,000 doctor experience coaching and training physicians.

We are Currently Booking All Engagements
LIVE, In-Person and LIVE Virtual on ZOOM
[ Video-On-Demand Training Library Also Available ]

Everyone takes home a Written Stress Reduction Action Plan to

  • Get Home Sooner
  •  Build Life Balance
  • And a More Ideal Practice

This can be a True Healing Experience at a Medical Staff Dinner with spouses/partners invited.

All tools effective whether or not you are burned out.

Training Clients Say This:

"It was a very positive experience on a very negative topic. There was so much interest that we had standing room only.

"I continue to get emails and texts and calls thanking me for bringing in Dike and how refreshed they have felt."

"All of the feedback I received was overwhelmingly positive. He was able to connect with each of these audiences in a unique way that was not only engaging but also practical. Everyone walked away with a specific action plan."

".. practical strategies to increase health and well-being in a very entertaining and positive way"


Get Us Started on a LIVE Training Event for Your People
In-Person, on ZOOM or Video-on-Demand



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