Where does your true path lead?

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Remember when you stood at the Lightworker's Fork

and chose to be a helper and a healer,

where did you think / feel / believe your path would lead?


As you walk this path, this week, in real time, in real life,

> Where does it appear to be heading?

> Pick your head up and check out your current reality, catch your bearings, notice your trajectory.

> Look in the mirror. Who are you being? How are you feeling.

Is this life working out the way you planned back at the fork?


If your job description has taken you off your true path,

You can pull the big red handle, step off this train 

And get back on your track.

You have that power.
   There is a way.
      Your path is waiting.
         There is still time. 




What would you do differently right now, if you knew you could not fail?





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