Physicians: How to  Build Your Ideal Practice and Eliminate Fear of Failure in the Process

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

physician-burnout-prevention-video-opt-150wThe key to building a more Ideal Practice is a clear target for your efforts.

Think of it as a Bullseye in an archery range where you aim yourself at the heart of a new and better on-the-job reality.

In this short physician video training lesson, let me show you a two-step process to get crystal clear on your Ideal Practice "target" and take the steps to build a better Job, Practice and Career.

Along the way I will show you how to completely eliminate any fear of failure.

Getting clarity on what you want
03:40 Tips in creating your ideal job description
07:35 Taking new action to reach your target
09:23 Dealing with your comfort zone and fear of failure 




What's the most important thing you feel you learn from this video?


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