The SuperPower of Gratitude

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Gratitude is a SuperPower you carry with you all the time

In the Battle with Physician Burnout .... Gratitude is an energy shield that provides faith and fuel to keep going, especially in tough times.

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Hi Dike Drummond MD here real quick,

let's talk about GRATITUDE and get you some RIGHT NOW!


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I consider GRATITUDE to be a superpower.

Because it has the ability to sprinkle itself throughout your day, if your eyes are open and you're open to something to celebrate, it has the ability to recharge you with little bumps of energy throughout almost any day.

So notice, if you can turn your awareness on to be looking for things that you can celebrate, enjoy, be grateful for. And sometimes, especially if you're feeling stressed, it helps to really lower your standards. How about this,

  • indoor plumbing,
  • hot water,
  • a roof over your head,
  • food in your refrigerator.
  • Simple things like that,
  • go for a walk,
  • notice the flowers.

And if you really want a hit of unconditional love and gratitude, just

  • take your cat or dog or somebody else's cat or dog, if you're on a walk, just scratch them at the base of the tail end, watch what happens.

Now, what's also interesting is you can be grateful, even though the larger context of your life may not be what you want right now, perhaps your practice is overwhelming and stressful, and you're having trouble in your relationship with your boss. Maybe you're even thinking about that right now on a Sunday and not looking forward to work this week.

Notice that release it and notice the other things that are still in your frame of reference right now that you could be grateful for your health.

The fact that you woke up this morning, and you're still on this side of a dirt, right?

So much to be grateful for.

And if you want to ramp this up, there's actually evidence that says if you write down three things you're grateful for once a week, not every day, once a week, three things you're grateful for once a week, it'll make a big difference. So if you want go ahead and journal or actually put a comment here for the things that you're grateful for just right now simple, little things that make you smile, and you're glad that you have them rather than don't. You can be grateful on your way to a different reality.

And in our coaching communities in my with my one-on-one coaching clients, the first thing we do on every single call as I ask, What's one thing you're grateful for or want to celebrate? And it doesn't have to be about work?

Let's notice what's going right?

Before we focus on things that that we want to change.

So I wish you the awareness of gratitude. I wish you the experience of gratitude and celebrating the things that you have.

BURNOUT PROOF 1And hopefully I'll see you at some point inside the burnout proof MD ecosystem where a whole tribe of us are working on not only gratitude, but actually working an action plan to build a more ideal practice. Until I see you there. Keep breathing and have a great rest of your day.


What is something you are grateful for right now??



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