Physician Burnout RANT - Cognitive Ergonomics

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Stop Physician Burnout - Cognitive Ergonomics is the DUH of the Day

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Physician Leadership: a Simple Communication Tool to Avoid the Disruptive Doctor Label

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Physician Leadership:
A Simple Communication Tool to Avoid the Disruptive Doctor Label
(video training)

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If you invite physicians into your management or leadership meetings, we will diagnose the problems in the system of care with the same speed and skill we diagnose disease in our patients.

Sooner or later we will also run into any number of situations that qualify as hypocrisy: where the organization says one thing and does something completely different.

Nothing in this world upsets a physician leader more than hypocrisy. 

Download the full Disruptive Physician Toolkit Here

We see it right away, like a flashing red light. It drives us to shout, thump tables, foam at the lips and more. This undisciplined behavior results in many doctors being labeled a "disruptive physician" and their completely legitimate concerns downplayed or ignored by the other senior leaders at the table. This outright dismissal of legitimate concerns can be a major cause of physician burnout for some doctors.

Here is a Simple Communication Tool to Completely Avoid Being Labeled Disruptive and get your concerns addressed.

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3 Keys to Building a Better Day Off - Video Training

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3 Keys to Building a Better Day Off

If your work is stressful, a day off should be a way to recharge and an oasis of rest and rejuvenation ... right?

How often are your days off simply playing catch up on a different punch list, punctuated by frustrating calls from the office or hospital? Let me show you some ways to ensure you are not doing laundry, mowing the lawn or  answering nurses questions on your day off.

In this short video, you will learn three essentials to building the highest quality day off possible. When you do these three things it will transform your day off into the oasis you are seeking. These tools are just as powerful and relevant to build a better, vacation or year-end holiday break. 

I even include what to say to the office or hospital if they call you on your day off - so they never call you again. 

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OMICRON: The first step in any emergency is to take your own pulse

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This timeless wisdom from The House of God was quoted to me by a resident on my first ER rotation

I think it applies to the news in all the headlines about the new OMICRON Variant of the COVID-19 virus.

It is 11/28/2021 as I write this. Omicron and the travel and nation-level shutdowns it immediately inspired, have dominated headlines across the world for the last 48 hours. We thought we had Delta in the rear view mirror and now this.

Hang on a second. What is that first step again?

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May You Experience the Original Meaning of Carpe Diem

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Carpe Diem does not translate to SEIZE the Day 

The word Carpe does not mean snatch or grab or wrestle to the ground and hold on tight. 

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