Will A.I. in Healthcare destroy the planet?

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Is the end of disease a good thing Mother Earth?

Yesterday I heard an investing Guru named Eric Fry name his top A.I. Investments going forward - all of which were in healthcare.

As I listened to his pitch about making a killing in A.I. investments - all I could hear was how these breakthroughs could actually kill the planet and all the humans on a VERY SHORT time frame.

AI Destroy the planet


Startups are using AI like this:

👉 Say you've got a deadly disease and you would like to cure it with molecular precision

👉🏼 Your AI Healthcare consultant organization, will sequence your genome, and create 100,000 digital twins of you

👉🏾 Then conduct 100,000 virtual experiments looking for a cure for your illness. Which they are confident they will find 

👉 You will be healed - you will not die.

👉🏼 And of course Mr Fry says you're going to get rich investing in this new technology.

👉🏾 He goes on to repeat claims from people inside these new A.I. Startups saying things like ...

⭐⭐ "We will be able to *end most major diseases by 2029 !!" ⭐⭐


I know there's a bunch of hype in there,
but just think about it for a second.

The overpopulation of the planet is already the number one challenge to the survival of Gaia herself. If we eliminate the terminal constraint of human mortality - our collective and total demise is only a couple of decades away. 

I can't imagine a bigger disaster for poor old mother earth - or a worse way to go - than a plague of never-gonna-die locusts in human form.


But wait ... there's more ...

I've also heard multiple recent cries of alarm that the massive electrical power demands of the enormous volumes of A.I. virtual experiments are already exceeding current power generation and grid capacity.

So we need WAY MORE power - which will no doubt drive WAY MORE more fossil fuel generation in the near term - sinking Florida in a single collapse of an Antarctic ice shelf before you know it.

AND in the near future the only reason you'll actually die is because you're poor and can't afford the AI experiments.

I DID NOT SEE THIS COMING as the true apocalypse and end of days - drowning in a rising sea of the undead.


Your thoughts?

And - unfortunately - there will be money made here, gobs of it, which will almost certainly be spent creating walled compounds for the Uber rich - to protect them from the starving masses.

Or maybe they will just rocket off to another planet.

[NO A.I. was used to generate even a single word of this post]



If the hype is true, we are just a few short years from the end of human disease, is that a good thing?