Year-end Physician CME Options for money you must spend in 2023

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

CME MONEY LEFT that you MUST SPEND before the end of the year ?

Invest those dollars in building a More Ideal Practice in the year ahead with our world-class lineup of support services at every price point.

You will find books, online trainings, our support community, one-on-one coaching and two retreat options below. 

If you have any questions about any of these options, contact me here.


  • Every tool, technique, concept and shortcut comes from our 40,000 doctor training and coaching experience.
  • Every thing we teach is grounded in the real world of the modern practice of medicine
  • Ans tested by thousands of doctors just like you


$30 - $247 Investment


Our best selling book, STOP PHYSICIAN BURNOUT: What to do when working harder isn't working has over 40,000 copies in print. It takes you through our entire practice optimization process. Doctors come up to me all the time with a copy containing dozens of book marks and dog eared pages to tell me how the book changed their lives

Single copies are only $30. Three or more are only $18 each. They make a wonderful gift and if you buy a box and hand them out they make a life-changing, six-month journal club experience for you and your ward, wing or service colleagues.




Every program is filled with short video lessons and tools you can learn in a single sitting, then put to use today for immediate impact

One Minute Mindfulness - 19 CME Credits - $97 - LEARN MORE AND GET STARTED

Our evidence-based single breath mindfulness tool for physicians. We call this "eye of the storm lessons" because it gives you that calm, centered, peaceful respite in your practice day, no matter what is going  on around you.

Burnout Proof Online Workshop - 37 CME Credits - $247 - LEARN MORE AND GET STARTED

All the tools and awareness to recognize and prevent burnout, build a more Ideal Practice, get home sooner, create life balance. This is a comprehensive training library to complete your medical education. 86 short videos. Each tool tested and proven by our 40,000 doctor coaching and training experience. 

Ideal Physician Job Search Formula - 10 CME Credits - $247 - LEARN MORE AND GET STARTED

Learn how to interview with confidence, manage recruiters, negotiate your contract, recognize when to leave this job, avoid physician's top 3 job search mistakes and find a new and much better job. Don't interview without this training. With these tools under your belt, you become a true physician free agent in these chaotic times.



$300 - $5000 Investment


The Burnout Proof MD three-layer Physician Support ECOSYSTEM

A unique combination of three powerful supports all in one place. 

Layer One: Weekly Group coaching 

Two hours a week, 50 weeks a year the community gets together on ZOOM to support each other, help with new ideas for the issues you are facing with me (Dike Drummond MD) as your coach.  Everything is recorded and kept in our resources library for your review if you can't make a call. Each session contains 2 CME Credits for a total of 100 CME Credits/year.

Layer Two: Private Members-Only, Physician-Only Support Website (think Facebook group only WAY Better)

This web home base allows us to help each other, share posts and studies and challenges for 24/7 support between coaching calls. 

Layer Three: Our top 5 Online Trainings are included - you also get unlimited access to 

  • Burnout Proof Online Workshop
  • One Minute Mindfulness
  • Ideal Physician Job Search Formula
  • Physician's Guide to Managing Your Boss
  • Physician Leadership Power Tools

ALL OF THIS SUPPORT is available by subscription only with an investment of either $300/month or $3000/year. As you can see the annual subscription saves you $600 and you can easily pull in over 100 CME credits every year. LEARN MORE AND GET STARTED HERE



One-on-One Private Coaching

Private coaching calls with one of our certified Ideal Practice/Burnout Prevention Physician Coaches are available in 4 and 12-call packages for $2000 and $5000 respectively. 

Here are bios on each of our amazing coaches. Each one is a board certified physician with plenty of clinical experience and a certified executive coach. Coaching always starts with a no-cost Discovery Session you can arrange with any of our coaches at any tiem

And here is the best coaching Frequently Asked Questions Page on the Internet.  If you have a question about coaching, the answer is on that page.



Our 2 Physician Retreats in 2024 - TWO OPTIONS


We have two options for 2024 Physician Retreats avialable for purchase right now with your 2023 CME Funds.


The Quadruple Aim Physician Leadership Retreat

This is our Physician Wellness Champion Master Class where we give you all the tools and support to become an effective Wellness Champion for your people starting April 25 LIVE on ZOOM. We have 259 graduates to date, doing great work on four continents

Download the complete Retreat Brochure with all the details here.


Our UTAH personal Physician Wellness Retreat 👈 👈 will be AMAZING!

We are co-sponsoring this unique retreat with Dr. Corey Martin and his team at Bounce Travel. We will be located in Kanab, Utah and hiking in Zion, Bryce Canyon and the Grand Canyon national parks during our week in the Southwest. Our morning wellness sessions give you up to 19 CME Credits as well.

Learn more and register here




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