What is In Store for the Physician of the Future?

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

When the stress of your personal practice whirlwind has your energy balance below zero, it is hard to imagine the future.

And I invite you to focus for a few minutes on the most interesting survey on the nebulous concept of the Future of Healthcare I have ever seen. Fascinating stuff. 

The sampling techniques and questions are unique and give some equally unique insights into the feelings of a global group of doctors and nurses on the subject.

I believe looking forward to the future of your practice has never been more important than at this critical moment in history of the medical profession. Here in the practice reset window of 2022, it is important to have as much information as possible to chart your way forward.

Clinician of the Future: a 2022 report from Elsevier Health

I invite you to download your own copy ... it is worth the read and free.

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The global survey with respondents from 111 countries was performed in three phases.
Here is how the website describes the sampling techniques:

  • Phase 1: Qualitative interviews — 60-minute discovery interviews with 23 healthcare leaders from around the world to uncover trends and expectations for the clinician of the future.

  • Phase 2: Quantitative survey — 15-minute online global survey completed by 2,838 clinicians in 111 countries to measure attitudes and uncover the paradigm shifts expected to have maximum impact on the way healthcare is delivered.

  • Phase 3: Key opinion leader virtual roundtables — three roundtables with key opinion leaders in the US, UK and China to gather reactions to the findings and provide expert points of view on the clinician of the future.

Elsevier goes on to say:
"At each stage, we worked with clinicians to identify and discuss the current role of the clinician, the drivers of change, and trends that are likely to affect the future. Together, these three phases of research plus a literature review resulted in possible futures we hope will inspire further thinking on the topic and support clinicians as we move into the future of healthcare."


The Report is in five chapters:
Chapter 1: The Future Clinician as a Partner for Health 
Chapter 2: The Future “Total Health” Clinician 
Chapter 3: The Future Tech-Savvy Clinician 
Chapter 4: The Future Balanced Clinician 
Chapter 5: The Future Accessible Clinician 

Some highlights:

  • 63% of clinicians say most consultations between clinicians and patients will be remote
  • 49% say most healthcare will be provided in a patient’s home instead of in a healthcare setting.
  • 51% agree telehealth will negatively impact their ability to demonstrate empathy with patients.
  • 69% of clinicians agreed that the volume of patient data is already overwhelming



In your vision of the Future of Healthcare

  • what are you most excited about?
  • what do you fear the most?



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