Do new UK and SA COVID-19 variants portend a Sneaker Wave in the USA?

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Covid19-variant-virus-sneaker-wave-in-next-two-monthsDo not let down your guard or relax coronavirus precautions now: Two Additional Reasons Why.

There is a glimmer of relaxing and relief going on these days. I had a few happy tears with my first shot of the Moderna vaccine. It would not surprise me if you did too. 

You may feel like you can see a light at the end of the tunnel, that we are finally nearing the end of the pandemic. 

I don't want to harsh your mellow or be a fear monger here ... AND this appears to be a logistically clear time to keep your guard up. 

"I'm not sure how much longer I can keep going like this"
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A Sneaker Wave

A sneaker wave is when you are walking along the beach on a calm, sunny day and a 6 foot wave comes out of nowhere, knocks you down and washes your dog out to sea. Sneaker waves are a known phenomenon, more frequent than you might think.

I am concerned about a Sneaker Wave of COVID-19 coming to your town in the next couple of months for two reasons:

  • Recent COVID-19 mutations with increased infectivity
  • And some disturbing news from a member of our network in Ireland

Even if you are vaccinated and have antibodies against the coronavirus you can still carry and transmit the virus. Continue mask and distancing and hand washing. AND here are two more reasons to keep up standard precautions and brace yourself for a potential rebound of infections. 


coronavirus-mutations-infection-rate-alert1) THE MUTATIONS AND THEIR WAVE BEHAVIOR

You have heard of the UK and South African mutations. They both appear to have increased rates of transmissibility. The SA variant may be only partially susceptible to current vaccines.

The most important data point about these variants is just how quickly they can roar into town.

Here is a graph of the UK variant - the orange bars - and how it literally took over the coronavirus ecosystem to become the dominant form in just a matter of a couple weeks. The graph below is at two day intervals ending on 12/18/2021.  

Look how it goes from a trifle to 80+% in a matter of a couple weeks. That is how this variant behaves in the wild and it is coming to your town in the next month or two.


There is no reason to believe the South African variant behaves any differently as it penetrates the existing community spread of the existing virus strains.

This is a WAVE and the mathematics are daunting.

These viruses are self-contained super spreaders. The virus roars into town and suddenly 30% more people are getting infected every day. Even without increased virulence, your hospital will experience a wave - a Sneaker Wave that appears to come out of nowhere - of admissions and mortality.

Here is news from the nation closest to the epicenter of the UK variant.


ireland-covid19-pandemic-sneaker-wave2) The recent Irish Experience

Ireland shares a border with Northern Ireland and is just a stones throw across the Irish Sea from England, Wales and Scotland.

A member of our network from Ireland told us of the recent Irish experience on our weekly Lightworker Support Forum yesterday.

Here are the high points.

  • They opened up the economy for a single week in late 2020
  • The hospital system was immediately overwhelmed
  • The economy is back on lockdown 
  • Latest word is it may stay locked down until March
  • Good news is they are past the peak of hospital utilization and hoping it stays that way

That is what a Sneaker Wave looks like. 


That is enough of my pattern recognition abilities and I do so hope I am wrong.
What do you think and how clear do you feel your crystal ball is for the months ahead?


Have you seen these two trends?

What do you think about the effect these mutations will have on the USA in the next couple of months?

Have you been vaccinated?
How did it go?
Are you still using handwashing, mask and distancing precautions?



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