Old School Physician Burnout Quote of the Week

Posted by Dike Drummond MD


A member of our network just sent me this quote.

I believe it is meant to be some kind of funny ... or a perhaps is offered up as a twisted "reality check" to those who attempt to have healthy boundaries between work and home and run into this individual who appears to claim Iron Man status.

It is certainly old school and completely unhealthy and just plain wrong. This is the workaholic, superhero, Lone Ranger, perfectionist programming we are all victim to.  

This is the boomer philosophy that makes it impossible to have healthy boundaries and admit to any struggle. This is where Imposter Syndrome begins. I feel like I want to take a shower after I read this. You?

And I feel sorry for Dr. Fisher. He was abused and traumatized by his training and practice (as we all are) and has given up on any control or constraint over his medical career. He has surrendered the battle for any life balance. He is victim to his career - a learned behavior - and that is a shame. His is the voice of the pre-work hour restricted residency program gauntlet.

I heard another version of this quote years ago from a client. He attributed to an Emeritus Professor who utter this in a clearly audible voice as he walked out of a burnout prevention lecture. What he said was, "There is no burnout ... only weakness." and hobbled up the stairs and out of the auditorium. 



What do you think when you see this quote?

Has anyone ever said this to you before?

If "YES" what is that person's home life like and what number marriage are they on?



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