Micro Blessings

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

stop-physician-burnout-micro-blessings-holding-flower-150WMicro Blessings

Let's restore some balance to the force with a hidden super power that is just a breath away.

Since everyone's days are sprinkled with micro-aggressions, hassles, social isolation, masks, political conflict and more - it can feel like you are only just barely keeping your lips above the floodwaters. 

It's been a tough year for all of us and there is no end in sight
... AND ...
do not forget you have a choice.
In every moment you have the ability to notice the negative, release it and swim against that current. 

Our reticular activating system and our physician programming give us a natural laser focus on what is going wrong. We are also surrounded by things going right at the very same time.


When you notice your mind/thoughts/feelings focusing on the negative energy, frustration, anger, fatigue. Tell yourself this is true ... YES ... AND I choose to focus my energy elsewhere. Take a big breath and let it go. 

You have the power to refocus on the light to become a bright spot, a glimmer of hope and help and support and perhaps even reconnection, salvation and recovery towards a feeling of more normal again. 

Each of us has the power - as helpers and healers and lightworkers - to chip away at this malaise of 2020. It can begin in the smallest of ways.

The Reverse Differential Diagnosis


Micro-Aggressions are a real thing. They do harm and drag people down. Take a breath and flip that coin. Begin to think in terms of Micro-Blessings.

What is one little thing you can say or do to make things better - for you and others


Perhaps as soon as you are done reading this post?

One tiny little thing that makes you smile or your shoulders relax or helps you breathe deep and let go?


Step out of your Whirlwind, grab your journal,
start a new page and make a list.


stop-physician-burnout-heart-in-hands-micro-blessings-240WWhat MICRO-BLESSINGS might you start delivering to:

  • Yourself
  • Your staff / partners
  • Your patients
  • Your family
  • Your neighbors
  • Random people you meet on the street

Which One will you practice tomorrow.



What micro-blessing will you start with?
And when you have delivered your little tiny blessing, what happened?


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