Four questions reveal the fundamental source of employee physician burnout

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Employee physicians are on a tilted playing field and physician burnout is the result

Why are 63% of US physicians suffering from at least one symptom of burnout as they see patients today?

How did we get to this point where you are more likely to be burned out than not?

  • Let me show you the fundamental mismatch that has caused this burnout epidemic

  • And four questions you can use to reveal the mismatch in your own practice and assess your risk of burnout.


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I believe the dramatic increase in the physician-as-employee is largely to blame for this burnout epidemic.

442509_SMJPG_4WW43059DW028145JPhysicians working inside a "healthcare" delivery organization run by non-physician managers creates a fundamental mismatch at the core of the business relationship.

That mismatch, that tilt of the playing field, is at the heart of our burnout epidemic.

It puts all physicians at a distinct, structural disadvantage by trapping us between a rock and a hard place. 

Every day we engage in a form of trench warfare between:

  • Our calling / instinct / drive / passion to take the best care of our patients

  • Our employers mandate / structure / focus / technology in pursuit of harmonizing the Profit and Loss Statement.  

In this battle, burnout tells you who is winning and losing.


Just notice your own experience:

Scenario One:

How often do you have to modify what you know to be the best treatment options for your patients, because of concerns from administration: accept the second or third best option because of money?

Scenario Two:

How often does your administration modify their financial concerns because the best care is not the most cost effective .... its just the right thing to do?


Are these two scenarios in balance - as they should be - or does one side win every single time?


Are you a physician leader who is finding this line of reasoning uncomfortable or think I am being hostile? Good. We need to talk. It does not have to be this way. 60% burnout rate is not mandatory or inevitable. Let's talk about a real corporate burnout prevention strategy. We are twelve years, 40,000 doctors and 175 organizations ahead of you. Lots to share.

** Is your practice at risk? Are you in danger? **


Q 1:
Who wrote your current CONTRACT and who designed your current JOB DESCRIPTION?

What role did you play in creating these two documents?


Q 2:
What goals are that contract and that FTE definition designed to achieve?

  • Your personal goals for your Ideal Practice and your larger life?
  • or the business goals of your organization?


Q 3:
What are your personal goals for your practice?

What difference would you like to make for your patients?

How would you like to feel about your day-to-day investment of time and energy in this job?

How easy is it to make that difference here? 


Q 4:
What is your current Practice Satisfaction Level on a 1 - 10 scale?
(anything less that a 6 is cause for concern going forward)


Look back at your answers above and notice the fundamental mismatch.

The playing field is tilted. You are always running up a steep hill at work.

The game is rigged in favor of your employer hitting their business goals while your ideal  job/career/practice/life goals fall by the wayside.

Things are out of balance now, because they were out of balance from the very beginning of this "relationship".

Under these conditions, burnout is "normal" for the majority of physicians over the course of their career.
Sooner or later this lack of alignment will drive you to the point of "I'm not sure how much longer I can keep going like this."

Is it time for you to restore some balance to this equation?

All you have to do is stop tolerating your present circumstances.

Are you ready to take back your practice?

Simple tweaks can make a huge difference in your practice satisfaction and quality of life - at work and home.

We have been helping doctors build their Ideal Practice for 12 years now. There is always wiggle room to get more of what you want in your job. These days that takes active measures and a clear strategy to modify your job so it is more satisfying for you - especially if you are an employee. 

It also takes the tools and confidence to interview for a new job any time your  current position is not at least a 70% match for your ideal practice

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  • How do these four questions help you better understand your current situation?
  • What new action will you take now that you can see your situation from a different perspective.




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