Building a Transformational Physician Training Experience - DO NOT Waste Your Training Dollars

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

As a professional coach, when I design and deliver a training to a group of physicians, we are laser-focused on TRANSFORMATION.

Physicians desperately need proven tools to Get Home Sooner, Build Life Balance and Recognize and Prevent Burnout. These tools must transform their day-to-day experience from burnout to a healthier practice experience. If you pull them away from their patients for a wellness training, you must understand ...

  • Education by itself is always insufficient.

  • The only way to get New Results is to take New Actions.

  • Your trainer must push participants to plan a New Action in order to trigger the transformation you seek. 

  • Without this final training step, your money and time have been wasted.

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If the training is focused only on expanding your fund of knowledge with the classic "interesting presentation", I have failed you as a trainer. This is where academics fall short. In a formal education setting, the desired outcome is for you to pass the multiple choice questions on the exam. So "lectures" teach concepts with no attempt at application beyond an "A" on the exam - and no possibility of transformation for the student.

The only reason to spend your hard-earned money and precious time on a training - is to learn something that provides better results in your work or home life -- a transformation to a better reality.

If you are not asked "what did you learn" and "what new action will you take" as a result of this training experience ... everyone shuffles out of the auditorium knowing this has been a waste of time.


It looks like this:

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  • We build our training experiences around actions our coaching clients have used successfully hundreds of times and proven effective in the real world of the modern practice of medicine.

  • Everything we teach is simple to learn, simple to practice and works every time.

  • And before we let the audience go, we always do a "Partner Share" to seal the learning and testify to the new action they will take.

  • Each participant has a handout where they have written their answers to the two coach's payoff questions.
  • What is the most important thing you learning in this training?
  • What new action will you now take because of your learning?
  • They stand and take turns reading and discussing their actions. Just 30 seconds each, so no messing about. 


If you hire a trainer / speaker / lecturer and they don't teach proven tools or do not perform this Partner Share at the conclusion of the training ... you have just wasted your investment in both time and money.

Wasted time can only make everything worse for everyone. 

We will never leave you hanging like that!

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When was the last waste-of-time training you attended?

When was the last time a trainer asked you to stand and share your learning and action step with a partner, and what difference did that make to your learning and results?

What is the #1 tool you would like to learn to Get Home Sooner?



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