Physician Burnout RANT - Cognitive Ergonomics

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Stop Physician Burnout - Cognitive Ergonomics is the DUH of the Day

[  RANT ON  ]

I ran into this article on the other day and learned a new and spanky fresh bit of academic jargon - You ready? 

It's called COGNITIVE ERGONOMICS - sheesh

How bad 'cognitive ergonomics' can drain doctors' brainpower

From the Article:

"Think of the brain as a car with a finite amount of fuel available to function optimally.

An excessive workload can drain what it takes for your brain to run properly. So too can having to work in a way that you are constantly switching tasks or being interrupted or interacting with user-hostile technology. These factors, among others, constitute poor "cognitive ergonomics," a growing problem in health care."


We got ourselves a real Einstein here.
Like they just figured this out.
We should really try to not make doctors do so much Stupid Stuff??

Call it "Cognitive Ergonomics" if you will ... AND
when you Make Doctors Do Stupid, Useless and Redundant Tasks ... they wear out early in the day and quality, safety and patient satisfaction and physician quality of life ALL SUFFER

DUH !!!

My god what does it take to get a senior leader to shadow front line providers to learn this reality first hand, instead of hiding behind the spreadsheets and useless tech terms like this one.


Then the article turns into an inane "what can be done" listicle of obvious and non-specific "solutions".

Here's their BRILLIANT LIST of things leaders should do to begin Reducing the Cognitive Load on physicians:

  • Evaluate processes and metrics.
  • Create standardization. 
  • Consolidate information. 
  • Decrease redundancy. 
  • Prioritize design. 
  • Collaborate. 

Is it just me or, does that list and this new term make you WANT TO PULL YOUR HAIR OUT. My god, we have a 50+% physician burnout rate on each and every day of the year and people still write articles like this. 

[  RANT OFF  ]

WHAT DO YOU THINK OF YOUR COGNITIVE ERGONOMICS and this kind of language from the experts in the ivory towers?

I would love to know your reaction to articles like this.



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