Physicians - The A.I. EMR Documentation Breakthrough is Here

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Once it's dialed in I fully expect this technology to be able to decrease your total time in the chart by as much as 50% and more.

This is a true disruptive innovation, allowing you to
Get Home Sooner WITHOUT Working Harder

What am I talking about ?

It's usually referred to as a DIGITAL SCRIBE.
It is so much more than that.

A scribe just transcribes your conversation. This new technology leverages the Chat GPT engine's ability to participate in a human conversation by training it on a diet of hundreds of thousands of notes written by physicians in your specialty ...

... so it can listen to your conversation with the patient and then actually WRITE YOUR NOTE FOR YOU.

And it's a shockingly good, bring-tears-to-your-eyes note.

The technology can write notes for in person and virtual visits, in multiple different languages.

And it's ready for you to give it a test drive right now.

There are a number of digital scribe products on the market at this point.

Some are high-end, more expensive and aimed at corporate clients. These often demand an extended deployment and launch process.

Others are for individual physician use but can also be deployed into systems. You can get started with these right away. They are very inexpensive - even a fully paid version is only $100 a month. You can get started with a free version now!

We've tested several of the personal digital scribe programs in our BurnoutProofMD Ecosystem and get consistent positive reviews for two ScribeMD.AI and

I encourage you to be an early adopter here and put one of these note writing softwares to the test for yourself.

  • Download the free version of one of these programs.
  • Load it onto your cell phone
  • Grab one of your friends to play the mock patient
  • Hit start and let it listen to your mock encounter - and I encourage you to throw it some curveballs.
  • Go ahead and make it a typical chief complaint and then at the end of the visit pull out THE LIST - just like your patients do. Throw in a couple oh-by-the-way extra complaints and some medication refills.
  • Hit the DONE button and check out what the note looks like.

BTW - the only real change you'll need to make in your routine is to speak your physical findings so that the software can hear what you found on physical exam.

And the notes get better the more you use the software and it gets to know you and your vocabulary and speech patterns. The note you'll be looking at after the encounter above will be its first time hearing you conversing with a patient.


If this were a real patient encounter you can simply copy and paste the note into your EMR. And in corporate deployments, an IT team will work on simplifying the porting of your notes into your EMR.

Of course, since this is healthcare, organizations may have some concerns about confidentiality and there may need to be a disclaimer from your patients before you can actually use it in your practice.

But I'm just talking about taking it for a test drive so you know what it can do and perhaps can help lead the way to implementation in your organization for all of your colleagues.


This software will be universally implemented in the next couple of years, so grab a copy now and play around with it. It's always best to be ahead of the curve.

And if you'd like to set up a pilot project - to prove this software will work in your system - contact me and I can hook you up with the feasibility team at ScribeMD.AI



Quick question:
If your employer implements a technology that cuts your time in the chart by 50% -  how long do you think it will take them to increase your production quota?

BTW, when I ask this question to an audience of physicians someone will always blurt out, "about 10 minutes" and I'm not absolutely sure they're wrong.

So the decrease in workload may be temporary
- but the decrease in your time in the chart will be permanent.

What I do know is this.

It's so much more enjoyable to care for patients than it is to click and type and slog your way through unending visit notes.




  • Are you using a digital scribe now? Please give us your review!
  • Are you going to download it and give it a go - come back and give us your impressions.


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