A Double New Year Wish for You and your Practice in 2024

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

I had a stroke ten days ago.

It was a miracle that the interventional neuro team was in the hospital at 3:30 AM and sucked the clot out of my middle cerebral artery in time.


These days I scuff my left foot a little more than my right and my left pinkie does not hit the "A" key with the same precision and I fully acknowledge I am one darn lucky fella.

And my attitude?

This brushback pitch from the grim reaper has doubled my dedication to my personal mission.

Since 2010, every minute of my professional life has been devoted to learning and teaching how to stop physician burnout - for individual doctors and healthcare organizations.

I believe that Lightworkers like us are part of what is true and good and right with the world.

You and I chose to go to med school because of a deep drive to be a helper, a healer and make a difference.

This is a soul and spirit level desire in physicians.

Our life purpose is to satisfy that desire, that drive.


When the conditioning of our medical education and the dollar-driven "systems" and quotas in the workplace disconnect us from our patients and block us from making our unique difference ... we become exhausted, heart broken and burned out. 

We suffer, our families suffer, our patients don't get the care they deserve and the world is a darker place.


Here is my New Year's double wish for you. 

I wish you a happy, healthy new year on two distinct fronts.

1) I wish you a job/practice you are proud of ... truly rewarding, just busy enough, with a supportive leadership team and the daily ability to make  your unique difference and care for your patients. A practice you would rate "8" or above in satisfaction.

2) I wish you a rich and fulfilling life, at least a two week vacation to a really cool place, a year where you knock off at least one bucket list item and spend quality time with your loved ones and build in some physical fitness while you are at it.


And I know wishing is important, but not sufficient.

These two wishes will not come true in 2024 without a strategy to build them into your work and your larger life.

Active measures are called for in today's healthcare industry for any doctor to be able to build and maintain a satisfying practice and a balanced life.

And remember, another 100,000 boomer doctors will retire next year. Things are not going to get easier.

When you need some new tools and support to build and maintain your Ideal Practice and Life Balance strategies, we have your back.

You know where to find me and our amazing coach team. Just ask and we will provide the proven tools you need and the support to dial them in quickly and simply, no matter how busy you are at the time.


Helping you live your purpose as a Lightworker is my purpose as a fellow Lightworker.

And I am not finished yet.




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That's it for now.


HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you and your family!


If you need urgent support or have any questions, use this form to contact me directly.



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