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"I have my sanity back"

“I was burned out and dreading going to work every day. I had become the jaded and angry doctor that I swore I would never be when I was a med student. I was physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted. I was so afraid that work would never get better, so why try. I felt trapped.

The beauty of the program is the simplicity and that the stress relief steps can merge into a busy life almost effortlessly. With a full time job that has Q4 primary call and 2 kids under 2 years old, I don’t have time to squeeze extraneous things in. Dike’s program is distilled down to manageable sections even I could find time for.

Having an actual person to be accountable to, a doctor who has been there and understands exactly what I amgoing through was immensely helpful. Knowing that I was going to report back to someone kept me from cheating on steps and cutting corners.

Almost immediately I noticed little changes in how I felt and interacted first with my family and then with my staff and patients. The stress relief wasn’t confined to the office, it spilled over into my entire life. I have my sanity back. I am happy again. It was like waking up from a bad dream, and finding out that everything could be and would be okay again. I didn’t realize how bad I felt until I started feeling better. Now I enjoy time at home and at work more.

This is what was missing from our medical school and residency training. We learned how to care for others, but never how to care for ourselves. Dike showed me how to change myself and thinking to affect my environment. It wasn’t counseling, “tea and sympathy” or venting sessions, it was solid, constructive times of self-discovery and growth. I was pushed and challenged, he was the mentor I never got when I started practice, but desperately needed. I have changed for the better and am one step closer to being the physician I want to become and have a plan on how to get the rest of the way there.“

~ J.K. DO


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"... easy, comfortable, impactful ..."
I was feeling unhappy and stressed out. A survey said I had "severe burnout" and should seek support. (See below)
I have been skeptical about coaching in the past, and I just can't believe how easy and comfortable the sessions have been. I learned how to streamline my practice, say "No" more often, and use simple mindfulness techniques to stay calm every day.  

I have been able to maximize my "good days", spend more time on the things I enjoy and be much more resilient on the difficult days. It is amazing to me how impactful working with Dike has been on my practice and my life. 
~ E. R. MD


...this is the most I have ever enjoyed my work...

"I thank you for your time and advice as it was very influential in my decision to get where I am today.

I had reached a point in my career where I felt I could only last another 1-2 years in medical practice. I was burned out beyond belief. I decided before just quitting outright to step back from many of the group obligations I had as group president, as you had suggested. In Dec I chose not to run again and handed the reins to someone else in our practice. I then began to take more time at work to deal with individual patient interactions and imaging exams and really concentrate on being in the moment, rather than trying manage two jobs by blitzing through my day at work in order to get home and handle my administrative duties. I also began to concentrate on my multiple interests outside work as I now had more free time while at home.

What a difference! I can honestly say this is the most I have ever enjoyed my work in my entire career. I’m actually thinking about the possibility of continuing and enjoying my practice for perhaps another 10-15 years (of course things could always change :-))."

~J.S. MD


... doubled my income and got WAY more satisfaction from my career.

We worked together for seven calls back in 2013. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t a great coachee... but you should know that it helped. I didn’t burn bridges, but I did quit my job, and as a result, doubled my income and got WAY more satisfaction from my career.

~ A. S. MD


"Improvements in all aspects of my life"

“Burnout” – I would have never imagined those words applying to me. I thought that if I still had the energy to keep trying it could not be burn out. I knew I needed help and I wanted to work with someone who was at least as smart/sharp as I am. Who could push me to think differently and clearly. Who was direct enough to keep me focused.

I am grateful there was no touchy feely, just think positive bullshit. Dike did not hold any punches. Each call was like being in the boxing ring with a world class trainer.

Now I feel significantly more aware, involved and empowered. I am stronger and calmer and better equipped for the future. With Dike’s coaching I have noticed improvements in all aspects of my life. In my relationships with my husband, children and at work with my colleagues.“

~ Julie V. MD


"Life-altering in a way few other supportive relationships have been"

“With each call my self-identity as a physician became smaller and other parts of my identity became larger (i.e. I am not just a physician, but a runner, yogi, mother, wife, meditator , cook, gardener, etc) . Having someone point out things that are not working in my life, the things that I can’t see for myself, has allowed me to focus on what I want and then make it happen.

Within 2 coaching sessions, I began to feel more hopeful that I could learn a different set of skills to help me from feeling overwhelmed and burned out. It was invaluable to me both as a individual and as a physician.

I don’t really think I could place a dollar amount/value on it. For me, it has been life-altering in a way few other supportive relationships have been.”

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~ C.B. MD


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… how quickly I felt better after so many years of feeling so sad

I was feeling exhausted, hating my job, the patients, and the commitment it took to do my specialty. It seemed like I had done so much work (education, residency) for nothing, as I hated all of it.

There were many things that I had never said out loud until I spoke to Dike. Everyone else in my life had an opinion that was not helping. Having someone to speak to who only had my success and happiness as the goal was both delightful and enlightening.

So much has changed. Now I work a little less and spend more special time with my husband and children. I have learned to let go of all the politics at work and to release my thoughts about patients when I come home. We even made a change in coverage so I now get to sleep through the night every day of the week.

I feel much less anxious and am enjoying my practice and my time outside of work again. I'm surprised at how much I cried, which is not my typical style, and most of all, I am surprised at how quickly I felt better after so many years of feeling so sad.

~ M.B. DO


… really saw me for who I am

"I was suffering from a downward spiral of dissatisfaction and  exhaustion. I was lost on what seemed like a never ending treadmill. I had tried counseling (psychologist), talking with multiple physician leaders at work and my own physician.  Short term vacations, just trying to  hold on an keep working (this really didn't work). This was an emergent situation. I needed help to "get out" of my current situation which was leading to significant health risks.

I always felt as though Dike was 100% with me (always present), wanted 100% for me and somehow knew how to pull all of that out of me, helping me to get out of my own way and look at things a little differently.  I found someone who has had personal experiences and intricate knowledge/understanding of physician burnout and most important the way out and the path to recovery. There was an constant level of improvement over time.  After the second visit I had made major decisions about my future and health.

The program is priceless, it was one of the best investments I have ever made in myself. There was one moment when despite that all our conversations were over the phone - he really saw me for who I am.  That was a very important day for me. He helped me be true to myself and to find and listen to my inner voice. Dike helped me dream again.  The evolution is ongoing."

~A. F. MD


"… exactly what I wanted … with a 72% increase in my pay …"

"I wanted to follow up and let you know the fantastic success I’ve been achieving after reading your book, using your app, and having our one phone consultation. I’ll make this short and sweet. I’ve negotiated a new position to be exactly what I wanted and what I deserve with my skills and experience level. 4 day work week with Fridays off, no weekend rounding, no call, no holidays with a 72% increase in my pay! I’m worth every cent.

I’ve used most of your techniques to help me make my life at home and at work more enjoyable. Most resounding one concerning EMR “you have to stop writing the great American novel!.” I tell every provider I come in contact with about your services. They all seem so tired and defeated. They need a new contract with themselves and new outlook on life. "

~ S.H. NP


"Within a month of our conversation, I had two job offers."

"When I called for my Discovery Session with Dike, I knew I wanted to work part time or find a job-share opportunity, but I was worried it would be impossible to find. His advice was personal, specific, and achievable. He gave me tools that helped me find opportunities that WERE available right in my own town.

He also gave me a list of interview questions--so many of them things I never would have thought of--to help me evaluate which job was right for me. My interviewers gave me high compliments for being "very well prepared with impressively insightful questions", and they said it helped them get to know me simply by hearing the questions I asked.

Within a month of our conversation, I had two job offers. One was at the premiere practice in town, with leadership whom I know, respect, and enjoy. I am so excited to move forward."

~ H. R. MD


"... what had seemed an impossible dream ... happened quickly ..."

"I contacted Dike to help me address issues of extreme career dissatisfaction. I had made a move to a place where I truly wanted to live, only to end up in a practice that was not at all as advertised or to my liking. My satisfaction level was a three on a ten point scale. I was frustrated, angry, bitter and felt stuck.

Dike taught me how to turn my attitude around and focus on what I want - my Ideal Job - and let those goals guide my actions rather than my frustration about the things that were not working. I learned accept thing as they ARE and not as I wish them to be and keep looking for a better situation.

I was surprised that what had seemed an impossible dream was made easy, and happened quickly. In less than 9 months of working with Dike, I was in my dream job and pursuing work at a dream second career.
His assistance and objective, informative coaching was invaluable to me."

~ K.B. MD


"I felt heard and understood"

"My professional and personal lives were stagnant, stressful. I felt depressed, hopeless, and helpless. I needed someone "in my corner."

Dike was really funny, creative, insightful, intelligent, and held me accountable. He gave me new perspectives and pointed out some distorted thoughts that no one had ever challenged me on. I realized I don't need to change jobs to achieve contentment. I need to first identify what I really want and then make the adjustments to get there.

I felt heard and understood. I also never considered that a medical diagnosis I carried for so long could be potentially wrong. It was nice for someone not to label me. Coaching helped me navigate some touchy situations at work and at home.  I even learned some skills to make meetings more productive."

~ A. D. MD


"No more bait and switch for me."

"I have not had a set of interview questions in the past and it resulted in two stressful jobs I have had to leave. No more bait and switch for me. These power questions change the interview process completely. They level the playing field and you can finally make a decision if this job is right for you as it really is and not as they are painting it for you.

The vital information is very quick and easy to obtain. And it is embedded into the questions. They are sequenced in a way that the true intent of the organization/group becomes crystal clear immediately. The doctor's relationship with their partners, with their employees and the reason why they are looking for a position are obvious. I could get all the real answers I needed without giving the impression of being too dry or too harsh. 

It took me less than 1h to figure out that the job that I interviewed for was not what I was looking for. Had I not had the power questions, I would have probably taken it as-is, because they told me everything that a patient-focused physician would like to hear."

~ S. M. MD


" … new ways around my own mental blocks … "

"I called Dike knowing I will need to leave my current job soon.  Dike listened and really got the heart and soul of what I was searching for.  He was very business savvy, innovative and had fresh ideas. It was refreshing to be able to talk with someone who understood my perspective without judgment.

I learned new ways around my own mental blocks that have prevented me from moving forward until now. For the first time I can see my only imitation is my willingness to get out of my comfort zone and try something new."

~ S. P. MD


"Helpful even in a single session"

“I was exhausted from over scheduling, too much call, and not enough feeling of satisfaction with my life. A week off did little to help restore my energy, and I realized my problems at work were coming from a deeper level. Dike helped me recognize a fundamental change in my career vision from primary care to specialist palliative care. Instead of ‘just jumping ship’ into potential chaos, I can plan the small changes which will lead to a new style of practice.

I was surprised by how comfortable and insightful he was in a phone call, paying attention to tone and stress of voice, of breathing patterns. I was not sure this could work without being face to face, but his ability to deeply listen and focus shines through, and was helpful even in a single session.”

~ Shelly J. MD


"I am happily retired now"

"I contacted you because I was emotionally "exhausted" and could no longer even recharge on weekends. I was irritable, having frequent headaches, and often teary. I had planned to continue working another 4-5 years until I was 64 and could not see how I could negotiate a change in my position given the dysfunctional nature of my "group" and a rigid, out of touch hospital administration. The morale in our office was also at an extreme low.

I was surprised that you "got in my face" and challenged me during our first conversation, asking me "Why are you still working?". I felt a bit put off and think I answered, "because I am supposed to!" I expected "coaching" to be more like counseling, someone to listen to me complain and cry. But your approach was aimed at looking at things in a different way, deciding what I wanted, then setting goals and taking action steps.

I learned that there wasn't anything "wrong" with me to be having these feelings. I had the conditioned mentality of a physician, that the patient came first, and I was supposed to keep on going no matter what. I am happily retired now, something I did not see coming before our first call. I learned that I could break away from my group without feeling guilty or responsible for everybody else. They have all adapted or moved on themselves. No one died and the hospital has replaced me with 3 other neurologists.

Because of our work during this transition in my life, my husband also chose to retire. Instead of feeling "guilty" we have celebrated our combined 60 years of clinical practice. We now can focus on our own lives, time with our sons, traveling, philanthropic projects, getting our finances together, our church, house projects, and the list goes on."

~ N.D. MD


"… the best I have felt in years today …"

"I was overworked, overwhelmed and burned out. I was working every day for months at a time and had no life balance. In my conversation with Dike, I quickly learned that he problem was not me, but rather I had locked myself into a system that was not designed to take good care of anyone- my patients or me.

I know after 1 discovery session that there are always alternatives to any job. There is a practice model that will work for me and this is not it. It has only been six weeks since our call and I have found 3 better positions and am interviewing at this time. Happiness is priceless and I am the best I have felt in years today.

Dike surprised me by how candid he was about my situation. He clearly has heard from other docs, especially surgeons who are burnt out. He helped me realize burnout is not my fault. It is the ways we were all conditioned by are training that are simply not healthy. I realize I needed to take my life into my own hands if I am going to become the physician I set out to be when I entered medical school."

~ Anonymous MD


... changed my outlook from miserable and hopeless to powerful and optimistic.

"I was surprised by how incredibly easy Dike is to talk with. He just "gets" it. I thought an hour would be too short and I would spend most of the time just explaining my practice, but in the first few minutes it became clear that I am actually NOT burned out! I love being a physician and it is truly my calling, I am just stuck in a bad work environment and desperately need a change.

Dike quickly diagnosed the issues in my work environment so we spent the remainder of the time creating an action plan to speak up to my superiors and tell them directly that the current practice environment is not working for me. He encouraged me to stress the fact that the production pressure has resulted in unsafe working conditions. With Dike's guidance I am now actively seeking a new practice that better suits my needs.

I can't believe how much a single phone call with a relative stranger changed my outlook from miserable and hopeless to powerful and optimistic."

~ Anonymous, DO


"A dream come true"

“I needed help with doing something I have dreamed of for a long time and never done before – filling my high end retreat in Italy. I was unclear on how to describe the experience and had no marketing plan or strategy when I contacted Dike. We developed a revenue model, website language and a detailed plan to reach out to people in my network and on the internet. In just three months, the retreat is full. My family and I and a wonderful group of clients are spending two weeks in Tuscany this summer. Yes!
Our work was immediately helpful. I was able to learn exactly what to do next on each call. Dike’s coaching was convenient, easy, effective – which are words I did not have in my head when we first connected. This has been a priceless experience for me.”

~ T.C. MD


"… the impetus I needed to leave my position …"

"I’ve been fighting to maintain my professional drive and passion in an impossible situation for far too long.  I’ve reached a point in my career where, in my current position, the only real reward I’m given for the work I do is financial, and the financial reward just isn’t enough to sustain me anymore.

It has become clear to me that the fear of not being able to sustain my income is hugely overshadowed by the fear of not being able to sustain my spiritual and emotional well-being, my desire to be of service to people, and my need to have a purpose in life which I can fulfill.

What surprised me about talking to Dike was how quickly he recognized the severity of my feelings of burnout after just a few minutes of conversation.  He saw instantly that the solution for me wasn’t to find new methods for sustaining myself in my current situation, but rather to get out and find a new and better situation where sustaining myself was an achievable goal.  I’d been thinking this myself for a long time, but to have it confirmed by an outside perspective gave me the impetus I needed to leave my position and start searching for a better one."

~ T. W. MD


"... Life overall has changed drastically, and for the better"

I have taken big actions to change my reality since I consulted with you in 2015. My career and life overall has changed drastically, and for the better. I don’t get that providers feel this way and do nothing about it. 

I walk away each day from my work knowing I’m giving excellent care but I’m also keenly aware that my job can eat me alive if I’m not diligent in working on my life balance.
My wife and I complete your work sheet each year, looking back and looking forward. We love it, as it gives us a clear perspective for the future and helps us to celebrate our previous successes and goals met, sometimes to even recognize them! When you’re a high achiever sometimes you forget to do that!  

~ S. H. MD


"... support to enter the next phase of my life"

"When I met Dike I was working 14 hour days as a Medical Director for a national insurance company. All my waking hours were dominated by my job and I was completely overwhelmed. I had not even considered retirement until he pointed out it was possible in our first phone call. Once I actually chose to retire, I knew what needed to be done, but could not manage to achieve this on my own.

Dike guided me step by step helping me put in my notice and then actually retire. He helped me let go of the guilt that quitting was letting my patients and colleagues down .. all of which was not true. Now I have finished the initial steps and my time is my own. I feel like I have the tools and just as important, Dr. Drummond's support to enter the next phase of my life where I do things because I want to, not because I have to.”

~ G.E. MD



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“ … a new lens on the world …”

I have a very strong inner perfectionist and had come to see that part in a completely negative light. Sometimes it felt like it was out to destroy me! Dike showed me that this part of my personality was actually trying to be helpful, but was frequently misguided at this stage in my life.

Our conversation gave me a new lens to see the world and my place in it. Sometimes, things do not go the way we wish they would. Sometimes we miss things and make mistakes too, no matter how diligent or conscientious we may be. It takes maturity to be able to contain that, and move on without falling apart or quitting. I feel like I have a new understanding and a way to learn these lessons.

I was surprised that in such a short time, I could begin to accept I am not perfect and that this is OK. I can learn from these experiences and be an even better doctor. It takes a load off and now the real work can begin.”

~ J.S. MD


… new action steps …

When I came to our call, medical issues were forcing me to leave my practice of 26 years and I didn’t see any way forward. I felt like medicine was the only thing I knew how to do and I didn’t know how to even begin planning for my future without my practice.

The discovery call eased my mind considerably. Dike showed how to see that I was actually financially free with many options available. By the end of the call I could see new action steps despite my physical challenges – things I did not see before our conversation.

~ S.F. MD


"... so many creative ideas ..."

"He asked so many poignant questions and had so many creative ideas that I had never thought of. I did not have to over explain my situation. Because he is an experienced physician Dike knew exactly what I was going through. He just understood. I was surprised how quickly he got to my core and even to my soul.

I realized there were several things I enjoyed about my practice. He taught me ways in which I can focus/appreciate these things more. I learned that I can achieve flexibility in my future as a practitioner - that was so reassuring. Also, he had a good financial sense and it was nice how he weaved this knowledge into how this could effect my future."

~ E. H. MD


“Hope for the future …”
"I really appreciate the time you took last night to hear me out and  I really could feel your empathy regarding my dismal situation. It was tremendously reassuring how quickly you were able to understand the nuances of the problem and concentrate in the points that needed the most immediate attention.  
This is possibly the most stressful situation I have ever had to deal in my life  and I can really feel the toll it has taken on me, my
attitude and my family.  Being able to talk with someone who is intimately familiar with the stresses and particulars of my problem provides a degree of comfort which is hard to put in just a few sentences.
After our conversation last night and for the first time in the last few weeks, I was able to rest a little bit better knowing that at
least there is a faint chance of hope for the future and hopefully a reasonable resolution to this matter.
I am relieved because you understand what is going on. I am nowhere close to being out of the woods but having your backup has empowered me enough to be able to take that critical next step. The first of many on my road to recovery."
~ W. P. MD

 “You pushed me where I needed to go … “

“I thought I had worked a lot on myself in the past but this experience has really shown me that the choices in life really are mine to make. 

I had looked at many, many jobs but not found or landed the perfect one. Your concept of the Ideal Job Description helped a lot.  You forced me to really focus, focus, focus  and pushed me to get where I needed to go.  The position I am in now is a very good fit and you helped me make the transition without much angst or anxiety. 

This has helped a lot with personal things as well.  I already knew that I had to take better care of myself and to leave room for myself and family. But moving into doing it is the real challenge.  I do appreciate the structure of the phone call.  There is much to celebrate in life and it is so easy to forget to do it!

You had great responses to my issues and I saw immediate improvement in my comfort level and sense of wellbeing.  It felt good to have an experienced Physician Coach to bounce ideas off of and help me frame my work and personal issues.  

Dike, you have my vote for Coach of the Year.  I threw you a lot of curve balls and you hit all of them.  Deepest thanks.”

~ J.A.B. MD


"Re-gain direction and believe in myself again"

“I realized I have been in a passive mode too long, stuck in my slump, when I could be out there making a difference. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was finally talking to someone who actually understood where I was coming from.  Someone who was hearing me hurting, not just hearing me out.

Together, we were able to come up with an ‘action plan’ which is exactly what I needed in order to re-gain direction and truly believe in myself again. Now I see I am much more than just a resume and everything is still possible – when I dig deep enough and have a plan to make it happen. My vision can be the center-point, not an obstacle.”

~ M.K. MD


"Specific and significant improvements in my life"

‘When I first contacted Dike, I was feeling overwhelmed and depleted by the demands of my busy, new solo specialty practice. I knew I needed to make changes in how I run my business, but wasn’t confident I could avoid some of the mistakes I had made in the past. I was worried about burnout: feeling stressed, tired, angry, drained, frazzled and unable to give more to my loved ones and to myself. I tried working harder and harder and that just made it worse. Things felt badly out of balance, and I knew I was at a transition point.

I had made a bad decision with my EHR and practice management software when I first opened my practice almost three years ago. The cumbersome and time-consuming system had become the bane of my existence, and I knew I needed to change it, but was worried I’d end up making another poor choice. Dike helped me structure a detailed and specific process to evaluate and choose a new system. In the process, he has taught me important leadership and management skills.

Because Dike is a physician, he knows what everyone who is a doctor, but no one who isn’t a doctor, knows. He knows all about the responsibilities, the work load, the financial pressures, the practice issues and the risks we face as doctors. You don’t need to explain “it” to him. He gets it. He is attentive, positive and sensible. Our weekly phone calls really work for me. We are focused, there’s tons of feedback, and it has made specific and significant improvements in my life. I see the difference in my practice as well as in how I feel.

I actually felt better immediately. Dike’s intelligence, training, focus and kindness were apparent from our earliest conversations. I trust him to support me as I make important changes in my life.

I wish I had known Dike when I first started my practice! The cost of our coaching sessions is minimal when compared to the benefits. “

~ K. W. MD


"An "ah ha" moment"

“About 10 minutes into our discovery phone call, an "ah-ha" moment clearly came over me - that my life choices are not about one life career choice OR another, but balancing career choices AND personal life together harmoniously.  This made all the difference in my mind - realizing that my second career choice of aesthetics is not just a hobby, but a viable business once I develop a proper sales and marketing plan.
What surprised me most about Dike was his listening skills regarding my life and his genuine interest in supporting me to make my needs and desires a reality. I realize that all the time demands of family, a busy emergency department and a new business that I have felt were stressful until now, can be managed very effectively.”
~ V. R. MD



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"Bouncing back and motivated …"

“I learned that I’m not alone in experiencing stress during residency, and that all the stress that I’m going through has been gone through before by other people.  Most importantly, I learned that my experience is actually normal and there are better ways of dealing with it than to just keep grinding it out.

Dike showed me there are options in the world. It was a relief to find someone outside of the fishbowl of residency to show me what they see that is so different than my viewpoint. I was surprised by how quickly I felt like I was bouncing back and how motivated I was afterward.  I’d almost forgotten what it feels like to be eager to start working on something.”

~ J. B. MD


"... I have much more power than I believe ..."

"I learned that I am not at fault for what has happened to me other than that I've agreed to allow it to happen. Further, I can take responsibility for asking for help in finding a better way. I have much more power than I believe.

This knowledge and self-belief is allowing me to move forward and ask for the things I need to be effective (happier). I also received specific practice-management suggestions that I believe will become invaluable as well.

I was surprised how common my scenario has been "played out" over and over again by other physicians. I was surprised by how inspirational, insightful and very direct Dike is."

~ M.F. MD


... the freedom to decide what should be my next step ...

When I made the appointment to talk with Dike, I had stopped practicing medicine because of burnout and depression symptoms. I did not know whether I wanted to practice medicine again as I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to cope any more.

I learned my experience was a normal response to stress at work and that it was preventable. I learned that it was less likely that I will end up being burned out again if I make sure I have an adequate work-life balance and take measures when I feel stressed out.
Dike helped me develop a plan on how to get back to practice.

Once I was able to understand what was going on, I did not feel alone. I felt there was support from someone who understood what I was speaking about. Our single session was a wake-up call for me. I have already got a license to practice medicine in
the UK, despite being 3 years out of work. Now I have freedom to decide what should be my next step.

Dike was very easy going, spontaneous and showed a lot of understanding towards my problem. I live in United Kingdom and I was so pleased I could find a help for a burnout syndrome even if it was abroad in the USA as similar resources are not
available to me here.

~ K.K. MD


"Get Out of the way of Your Happiness"

“Dike has a unique ability to provide keen insight and inspire growth, all in a nonjudgmental and positive manner. I am becoming much more aware of the source (and original purpose) of certain thoughts that trip me up and get in the way of my happiness — especially when their original purpose is now obsolete.”

~ Laura W. RN


"... so reassuring to hear that it isn’t just me"

"I called Dike to help with my stress levels as a first year resident. Speaking to another doctor who has already been there was reassuring. Dike was very approachable, positive and perceptive.

I hadn't recognized the importance of setting a context with patients first, in order to create an effective consultation. I also learned boundary issues are very common in ‘feeling’ individuals. It was so reassuring to hear that it isn’t just me! It was also enlightening to discover that allowing team members to answer questions and make plans of their own are keys to effective leadership.

I learned my ‘wildest dreams’ aren’t so wild and unattainable after all. I now see how to more effective with patients whilst keeping myself healthier too. What's more is this has had some immediate effects following just one session."

~ A.T. MD


"I breathe easier … closer to being myself …"

"The main problem was my derailing marriage and increasing frustration about it. I had tried personal and marriage counseling and continued attempts at discussion with family and friends. I was unable to make my emotions, hobbies, and goals compatible with a sensation of accomplishment and fulfillment at the end of the day. I perceived my situation as irrevocable, something I just had to learn to accept and found this increasingly stressful.

In our coaching, I learned I am not alone.  I have learned how to embrace my own long-term goals, to find and maintain balance between work, friends, and family. Dike knows first-hand how challenging a successful medical career can be while attempting to achieve  balance and happiness on a personal/family level!  

Now I am more honest with myself, and more honest with my wife, my friends, my children, and my patients.  Learning how to walk away from repeated irrational/overly emotional arguments from my spouse has restored a long-lost sense of confidence and credibility.

I breathe easier when I come home. I speak up more easily. I feel I have made a step closer to being myself, less encumbered by standards imposed on me by family or work."

~ E. B. MD


"An incredible feeling of lightness ..."

When I called Dike for our Discovery Session, I had been struggling with a decision about when and how to retire. My husband is retiring soon and I could not figure out a way to let go of my career to join him and my family and feel like I did it the right way.

Dike helped me navigate the whole decision process  He showed me how my own thought processes were blocking my ability to move forward. He was very easy to talk to. He has personal knowledge about the stresses of being a physician and the implications of retiring early.

With my conversation with Dike and one more with my husband, the decision is made and I see a clear path forward. I have an incredible feeling of lightness now.

~ J. S. H. MD


'A Ray of Hope"

“Dike truly understands what it is like to love my work and be totally worn out  by the demands it places on me. I was surprised how quickly he helped me  reconnect with the larger vision for my life and pointed out where my own  emotional patterns keep me caught in the cycle of overwork and overgiving.  These were things I understand in theory and did not see in myself until he  gently pointed them out.

Dike was able to bring me back to what I really want, and he gave me a sense that there is a way through. This ray of hope was invaluable. He also gave me several practical suggestions about changes I can implement now to quickly create a more humane and sustainable lifestyle.”

~ Elizabeth D


"Change my toxic work situation"

“I thought I was the most burned out doctor in my department. My work and home life were very unsatisfying. I was barely hanging on. Then one of my partners committed suicide and I knew I had to take action. I had such a negative outlook and could not summon the energy to make the necessary changes that I knew I needed to do to avoid the same fate as my colleague.

I had been hoping that time would allow things to work out on their own. I continued to work at a high level so that none of my colleagues knew the stress I was experiencing. Working with Dike gave me an organized, positive approach to the most important issues and problems that I am facing.

I started to feel better about my life within a couple weeks of beginning our conversations. I knew that I had an ally and friend. I realized that my feelings were predictable based on my circumstances, that I was “normal”. For the first time in years I had real hope that things would change for the better.

We worked together to find and interview for a new position in the worst job market for my specialty the recruiters have ever experienced. With Dike’s help and persistent positive attitude, I found a new position at a group that really cares about the doctors and I start in two weeks.

For me, the program has been worth everything. It has enabled me to emerge from my depression, change my toxic work situation, improve my home and family life, and allow myself to be happy and realize that I deserve to be happy.

I would recommend the coaching for anyone who feels that they are in a rut and are unsatisfied with their career in medicine and their life in general.”

~ Anonymous MD


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"A Big Difference in My Days"

I learned that there WERE things directly under my control that were creating more stress in my life and that I could change my responses and see improvements — even with the same boss and same situation.

I was surprised to see improvement almost from the first day. Before we started I was spending 40 minutes each morning lying in bed dreading the day ahead. We focused on healthy outlets for anxiety/stress and modest/doable adjustments to my work environment and it has made a big difference in my days both at work and at home.

~ Bill D. MD


"The Action Steps that Count ..."

"When I started working with Dike I was feeling stuck, overwhelmed, burned out and torn between staying and leaving medicine completely. I had tried meditation, yoga, golf, triathlon, talking to friends and family even hypnotherapy without much effect.

What I learned in our coaching is the secret to “The Secret”. Now I am clear that it does not matter how much I know about stress reduction, it is the action steps that count.

I would recommend Dike to any burned out or stressed out physician because he is one of us. He has been there and done it. He understands what we are talking about. As the coaching progressed, he became a good friend. I was always anxious before I call him and I was always rejuvenated after the talk. He gives me hope. I felt that someone finally heard me!"

~ B.C. MD


"New Ideas, New Resources"

I had felt isolated and completely exhausted in my situation. I had backed myself into a corner where my whole life was my work. I simply didn’t see a way out. Speaking with Dike was easy, comfortable, reassuring and inspirational. When he told me that my feelings were not unusual for doctors … I was initially shocked, but then felt validated.

Dike opened my eyes to new ideas, new resources, and challenged me to permit myself to dream about my ideal life and career. He taught me several ways to deal with my current stress by making small steps starting with my reactions to competing priorities and time demands. I see and feel a light at the end of this tunnel.

I am extremely grateful.

~ Michelle R. MD


"A list of organized, actionable items"

“I learned I was not as unhappy or confused as I thought, that much of my assumed burnout was situational and most of all that I have the power to change the situation. I was surprised by the clarity I was able to find after a short conversation. I went in quite scattered and confused, and came out with a list of organized, actionable items.”

~ Simone I. MD


"Has elevated me as a person"

“Dike’s approach always provides insight and practical solutions to the challenges I am facing. His breadth of knowledge in so many fields helps in many facets of my life. Working with Dike not only made me a better physician for the patients I serve, he has elevated me as a person and enhanced my business and personal relationships .”

~ Mark R MD


"Some light at the end of the tunnel"

“I felt like I was speaking with an old friend who I had lost contact with for many years. You were able to put into words the feelings that I had been struggling with for years now. You understood immediately what I was going through and had practical suggestions to help me through the problems I was facing.

I have a clearer understanding of the direction that I must move in. It’s very comforting to see that there is some light at the end of the tunnel.”

~ Paul M. NP


"The time to act can be now"

“Dike made me realize that I exist as a person, that my thoughts and desires are as valid as the next persons and that I can take charge of my future by focusing on myself . Self-awareness is key and the time to act can be now.

Having always been the one to listen to others I never knew the relief I could feel to have someone else genuinely listen to me. Dike seemed to have an all-round solution to life, not just work but home too. Knowing that Dike is a doctor himself, I really felt he understood where I was coming from. I could trust and value his judgment, not to mention how nice it was to feel true empathy and his abounding positive attitude to helping me help myself.”

~ Amy R. MD


"Helped me focus my priorities"

“Your questions were very clear, direct and appropriate and helped me focus my priorities and see the issues at hand that need immediate correction. I find it much more useful to speak with a fellow physician who understands the demands and difficulties of our schedules. You offer more pragmatic insights and solutions for balancing my work/home schedule than a counselor with a non-medical background.

Thank you for your help and insight, it was much appreciated.”

~ Traci B. MD


"Renewed energy and passion for my work"

“I enjoyed being able to verbalize my own thoughts to someone who could really understand my situation. It was like I was speaking with someone who knew me my whole life. Dike gave me concrete advice that helped me to feel better about my own direction– not just in my career but in my outside interests also. Now I have renewed energy and passion for my work and a simple schedule/plan for what I would like to do.”

~ Brian W, Medical Student


"Work that provides … enduring happiness"

“I was having significant anxiety and stress starting my own concierge practice after resigning from my previous position. I had tried creating excel spreadsheets to schedule tasks, counseling, help from friends including one who is a project manager, a lawyer, even a friend who is a personal coach.

I have a decades long pattern of having a strong inner critic and anxiety propel me through the day. Dike taught me about changing my focus to what I want and how I want to feel, rather than focusing on what I was afraid might happen. Now I look for the positive, celebrate every day, and aim to thrive, not just survive. I started feeling better within just 2-3 sessions.

Dike’s compassionate skill lead me to both believe in, and achieve a transition to a life and work that provides meaning and enduring happiness.”

~ J.M. MD


“Crystals of Joy”

“Our Discovery Session was much more useful than I suspected it would be. You listened carefully and with insight. I felt safe to open up to you. This was an opportunity to hear my thoughts and opinions in a new way. I realize I often feel like I am “doing’ time” rather than enjoying a career. That’s not good. I have some new ways to find “crystals of joy” in my job and make my situation more tolerable.”

~ Jeff Q. MD


"Start Making Changes"

“I had no idea I was in such “good company” as an alienated physician. Dike showed me how to be more mindful, how  journaling helps to cut down on my worries and how to STOP doing old things so I could START to make changes.”

~ Tom H. MD


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