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Sharing our 40,000 doctor experience since 2010.
veryone leaves with a written action plan.
NOT just another boring lecture or talk!

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The 7 Habits of Physician Wellbeing

Physician Leadership Development
Single-Breath Mindfulness for Physicians
Transforming Physician Resistance to Change
Wellness Champion Master Class
Corporate Wellness Strategy Blueprint

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LIVE and In-Person
- From a one hour Grand Rounds to a multiple day Retreat
LIVE and Virtual on ZOOM
Recorded Video On Demand
  • Interactive, Engaging, High-Impact Training Experience
  • The Top Rated Burnout Prevention Training in Healthcare for Over 12 Years
  • Trainings for Physicians, Front-Line and Senior Leaders and All Staff

HERE IS A PARTNER SHARE at the end of one of our live trainings. They are discussion what they learned and what action step they will now take. Everyone takes home a written action plan too. Notice the engagement! It will be the same for your people.


What Clients are Saying:

"Dr. Drummond presented five separate trainings, in multiple venues, to hundreds of our physicians, advanced practitioners, leaders and employees. All of the feedback I received was overwhelmingly positive. He was able to connect with each of these audiences in a unique way that was not only engaging but also practical. Everyone walked away with a specific action plan."


"I was surprised how comfortable I was in feeling uncomfortable working with Dike.  Our conversations lead me to think about things differently, which changed our approach.  In the end, our collaboration provided a unique experience for our attendees which made a lasting positive impression."

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Are you tired of speakers who talk About Burnout, but leave you with no action steps or tools to actually deal with it -- people who talk about the symptoms and research -- but don't give you any strategy, tactics or anything else that makes a difference for you or your people?

Lives are at Stake ... It's Time to Make a Real Change 

      • It is time to complete your people's medical education and give them proven tools to lower stress, build life balance and a more Ideal Practice ... instead of wasting their time and your money.
      • It's time to show you care with a training that lifts your people up and drives enthusiasm for your wellness efforts.
      • It is time to shift your culture with an open conversation about the challenges we all face as physicians and a shared vocabulary to discuss stress and burnout going forward.
      • It is time to act on the life-threatening crisis of physician burnout. Medical errors, poor quality care, low satisfaction, physician suicide are just some of the known effects. This is real, this is devastating, there is NO TIME TO WASTE.

We Can Help

Since 2010, we have been helping physicians, leaders and organizations Stop Physician Burnout with proven tools, training and support based on our real world experience.

This is not about the research - we know and use the latest research findings - but this is a battle. It is about helping people like you - and organizations like yours - change your culture and take better care of the doctors and staff. This is life saving work for both your patients and physicians.  

Our experience includes:

      • Over 3000 hours of one-on-one physician coaching
      • Over 40,000 physicians trained
      • For 175 organizations on three continents

Let's Connect to discuss your situation in detail so you can learn how we are different and how we can collaborate on everything from a high-impact training for your people -- to a complete organizational strategy to stop physician burnout system-wide.

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Clients say:
"fantastic energy and positivity -- could not have been more pleased -- the training was phenomenal -- our physicians felt it was a very good investment of their time --  
best meeting in a decade--  Confident his message will have impact -- best medical staff retreat to date" [Full Client Testimonials Here]

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That's all for now. We are really looking forward to designing and delivering a high-impact training to you and your people very soon.

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