Physician Wellbeing Habit #2 Be the Eye of the Storm (CME)

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

The hidden patterns in Physician Wellness

As a physician coach since 2010, I focus on helping physicians build a much better practice and become a much more effective leader.

At this point, I have been extremely fortunate to accumulate 40,000 doctors worth of coaching and training experience since 2010. It has been a rich and rewarding learning experience.

This perspective has revealed clear patterns  -- a set of habits nearly all happy, healthy physicians use to create and maintain that positive state, even in these very difficult times. Without these habits to protect your connection to Purpose as a Lightworker, physician burnout is a constant threat to you and your family. 

This is the latest in a series of posts about these Seven  Habits of Physician Wellbeing.


=> Habit 2: BE THE EYE OF THE STORM <=


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Our Philosophy of Physician Wellbeing:

  • Happy, healthy physicians have their choice to become a physician affirmed frequently. They have patient encounters that bring out the exclamation, "Yes, that is why I became a doctor", regularly in their practice month. Their practice is fine-tuned to provide them with this ideal patient encounter on a regular basis. 

  • Happy, healthy physicians know this work is hard and they put in all the effort necessary to do a good job, sometimes overextending themselves in the process. They feel the ROI (return on investment) in the form of satisfaction and fulfillment is more than adequate. 

  • All physicians are at risk for physician burnout at all times. Burnout is a disconnect at the level of Heart / Spirit - between your Lightworker Essence and the experience of your day-to-day Job and Life. It is a normal response to overwhelm in a Lightworker. There are a number of ways to remove these obstacles to meaning and fulfillment in your practice. Every physician has a unique matrix of needs and obstacles that must be address for wellbeing to return.

  • Lessons learned in recovery from physician burnout can be used to enhance wellbeing going forward. 



Wellbeing Starts Between Your Ears WHIRLWIND

Habit #1 is to HEED THE CALL:
Acknowledge your commitment to the CALL to be a LIGHTWORKER

Habit #2 is to Become the Eye of the Storm
Recognize and protect yourself from the Whirlwind of tasks and emotions in your practice day.   

Even with the highest team function and the best systems of care this work is exhausting and often heart breaking.

The happiest doctors have acquired the skill to be the Eye of the Storm at work, allowing you to stay focused on what you really want, your Ideal Practice, no matter what is going on around you.  

It is the ability to let go of any thoughts or feelings that do not support you at this time.

Breathe - Release - Return to your center

Calm and focused, giving the person or task in front of you your undivided attention

When you know how to do that - and turn that into a daily habit - anything is possible between you and your patients, you and your staff, you and your family

You have the head space and the breathing room to build your Ideal Practice


This key to your happiness is the first thing I teach all of our coaching clients ... all the way back to 2010.

  • It plays a huge role in optimizing your practice and preventing burnout.

  • We proved our technique - the SqueeGee Breath - in a physician study of doctors in the Multicare system in Tacoma, Washington.

  • And expanded it into an online training we call One Minute Mindfulness

  • This is a single breath, evidence-based technique specifically designed for busy doctors to use in their practice day. 

  • No meditation, navel-gazing, lotus pose or chanting required!

  • It provides you with a refuge from the whirlwind no one can take from you. 

  • Restores your faith that positive change is possible.

  • And creates the space for you to hone your practice into an expression of your Lightworker essence ... whether that is in your current job or you must find a new one.

Here is what some training graduates have said:

~ I learned how I could let go of all the worry with a breath no one else even notices.
~ I have a pause button. I can stop, collect myself and feel so much more at ease in the chaos around me. 

~ "Gives me peace of mind. clarity about what I love about my work" 
~ "I feel like a healer again" 
~ "Keeps giving me back time I would have normally wasted on worrying" 
 ~ "Always puts me in a better mood, even when things are tough at work, or at home" 
~ Your mindfulness curriculum has been the spark for something amazing for me
~ I started to see results within just a few days.
~ Now I use the squeegee breath in my everyday relationships and taught it to my staff and patients.
~ It always helps me calm down and be really present with the person in front of me at the moment.”


Use This Link to Learn More about
One Minute Mindfulness Online Training for Physicians.

I will see you in the first training video,
where we will begin building the foundation to your Ideal Practice.




How do you remain calm, centered and focused - the Eye of the Storm - at work?




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