The US Healthcare A.I. - Physician Replacement Tech Dream in plain sight.

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

This is the *CAREPOD* - [Remember that name]

~~ described as an A.I. powered "Doctor's Office" and a "DIY Health clinic-in-a-box". It is being built, promoted and touted as the replacement for primary care doctors in the USA.
Investors love it - just finished a $100M capital raise.

This blog post is a report on and analysis of this article on the website dated 12-8-2023

Here's how the CarePod, care model is envisioned by the people at the Angel investor pitch sessions:

πŸ‘‰You pay $99 a month for network membership, 
πŸ‘‰use you phone to open the door - an APP of course! 
πŸ‘‰sit in the chair inside and it runs you thru a series of healthcare apps - even one to draw your own blood.
πŸ‘‰You can do a biometric body scan, have your DNA sequenced, and test for hypertension, kidney disease and heart issues

The Tech Dream is expressed in this article as, 

🌟"If Elon has the self-driving car, well, this is the autonomous doctor's office." AND 
🌟"You're never going to scale doctors and nurses to the whole planet, so instead of health care being a service, maybe we should rebuild health care as a product." 
🌟"Maybe we should take every single thing that doctors and nurses are doing, and just slowly but surely try and migrate it over to hardware and software."

The big picture is, 
🌟🌟"We're just going to keep going until we can deliver all this awesomeness for pennies on the dollar for the whole planet."

Now there are only four of these pods in existence at the moment and yet ... as crazy as this all sounds, they just finished raising $100M to build out this vision

Imagine box-doctors like this in every health club, lining the walls of your local mall, at the library, maybe even next to your ATM at the bank - get your DNA sequenced and grab some cash for a night out in one stop. 

All above is taken directly from this article - read it for yourself please. 

You can smell the double standard, yes?

Know that this nightmare vision is being funded by people who each have their private, fully human, flesh-and-blood physician on speed dial.

And is this a sign that the end is near?

If today's citizens accept this as adequate care, this little article is the death knell of first-person, human-to-human healthcare delivery and the end of primary care medicine as we know it?



  • What do you think and feel about all of this?
  • Do you feel threatened by this doctor-IS-a-box, or do you see it as a natural, healthy development since the current practice of human-to-human medicine burns out 63% of doctors today?




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