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The most exhausting aspect of being a doctor, a nurse or anyone who works seeing patients these days … is the WHIRLWIND.

The relentless bombardment with patient after patient, EMR, InBox, messages, clicks, keystrokes … overflowing the schedule and your short-staffed team.

This Whirlwind is the reason we just created a new free online video training sharing our top three boundaries and balance trainings.
Each of these were developed via our 40,000 doctor coaching and training experience with burned out doctors since 2011. In fact, our coaching client exit interviews show every recovered doctor uses at least one of these tools to RE-BALANCE their life. 

I call this collection of short video trainings
“Top 3 Work-Life Balance Shortcuts”
or [LB3] for short

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👉 Free

👉 Short videos – only one is over 5 minutes long

👉 We wrapped the trainings in 5 CME/CEU Credits valid for doctors and nurses, NP’s, PA’s, Pharmacists and Dentists

👉 Tool #1 gives you a solid boundary between work and home after every shift - even if you are on call or have charts left to do.

👉 Tool #2 gives you Weekly Balance
- in 15 minutes on a Sunday

👉 Tool #3 turns your day off to a true Freedom Day
- so you don’t spend your whole day off on household chores

👉 All the tools are simple to learn and practice and provide immediate results the first time and every time you use them

👉 They work for everyone on the care team, so feel free to share this email and link with your personal team and colleagues - share the gift of work-life balance here in the holiday season.

👉 If you take a few minutes a day for the next month to dial these in as your life balance strategy, we guarantee a significant change in the way you view your job, your patients, your family and your life.

👉 👉 And I will be with you as your trainer and coach the whole way.

Top 3 Work-Life Balance Shortcuts
FREE Online Video Training


I look forward to seeing you in the first training module.

Top 3 Work Life Balance Shortcuts Online Video Training

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Dike Drummond MD
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