The Only Question about Physician Wellness You Need to Ask

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Even in a Year Like This ... Physician Wellness Leaders are More Important than Ever ... here's why ...

We are nowhere near the end of the human suffering and massive economic impact of the pandemic of 2020.

The Old Normal is gone. It is all hands on deck - as you treat COVID-19 patients directly or are working to ramp your practice back up again. 

The New Normal has yet to emerge from the whirlwind.

And I keep getting the same answer to this question from everyone I meet.

"Do you think when this is all over and a Post-Covid healthcare delivery system reassembles itself ...
that the health and wellbeing of the physicians and staff
will be MORE or LESS Important going forward?"

Now is the time to get the skills and support to be an effective Wellness Champion. 

I am convinced the organizations who take the best care of their people will be the winners in a Post-Covid world. And I know you want to play a role in the physician wellness movement. 

Let us teach you a proven set of skills for wellness at three levels: for yourself, your teams and your entire organization. When the dust settles, you can lay down a coordinated Wellness Strategy for your people. 

The Quadruple Aim Physician Leadership Retreat is Live and In Person in Seattle, September 24 - 27.



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Practice Reset Online Workshop - Design and Build Your New Normal

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

As the layers of chaos and disruption march through this summer of 2020, you have a choice on where you focus your attention.

You could play defense -- hunker down, wait for a light at the end of the tunnel, pray for a rescue, hope for the best. If that's what you choose, inevitably someone else will draw up your new job description in the wake of the pandemic and tell you what to do - once again. 


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The 13 Impact Layers of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

COVID-19 is a Worthy Adversary - We count 13 Layers of Impact that will spool out over time.


It is easy to focus on the impact of the acute disease and the early economic effects, but just wait, there is more.

Those are just two of the 13 separate layers of negative impact from this crisis. The long tail of the pandemic's impact will last several years at a minimum and only if there is no wave two - please!


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Spring burnout prevention training season is in full swing - over 1000 doctors trained last month

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

April was a busy burnout prevention training month at

Here are the dates and trainings we delivered to well over 1000 doctors in April of 2019 -- and here is our speaking/training page where you can get us started customizing a training for your people. 

Whether you are looking to stop physician burnout or allow us to train your physician wellness champion - we offer the healthcare industry's best training experience. Over 170 organizations and well over 30,000 doctors trained to date. You can be next: Click Here to Learn More.

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1) For SVMIC State Volunteer Mutual Insurance Company 

We delivered Burnout Proof Live Workshop to SVMIC individual and group malpractice insurance clients a total of  12 times in:


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Stop Physician Burnout - first, STOP Doing Stupid Stuff

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

To stop physician burnout in large healthcare organizations, here is a key component of your Quadruple Aim Strategy - in Latin of course:

Primum Non Actio Stupidus
[ First Don't Do Stupid Things ]

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A recent article in NEJM highlights two fundamental burnout prevention principles - Leaders and Managers, please listen up:
  • STOP making the doctors and nurses do stupid things

  • If you want to know what these stupid things are ... all you have to do is ask the doctors and nurses

Learn three levels of Wellness Tools 
Quadruple Aim Physician Leadership Retreat

From our position in the trenches of the physician burnout epidemic, I can't state this strongly enough to senior healthcare leaders. 

Primum Non Actio Stupidus

... just STOP IT ...  Please ! READ MORE NOW

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Work Life Balance for Physicians - How to Tip the Scales

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Work Life Balance is key to preventing Physician Burnout - but exactly HOW do you create balance in the first place?

Here are 2 Key Habits (and 3 Power Tools) to help you create more balance this week - Field Tested and Doctor Approved. 

Six "Get Home Sooner" Tools are Here

We have successfully coached hundreds of doctors back from burnout. One of the key components to preventing physician burnout is restoring some balance to your life. You must chisel out some space in your weeks for yourself and the important people in your life for one simple reason ...

When you are stressed at work --- home is where you must be able to recharge 

There has to be some balance or you will eventually tumble into the downward spiral of burnout

I know for a fact that you did not learn this in residency - no one does. Residency is where you learn to keep going right through complete exhaustion ... and beyond.

In fact, residency faculty members often model just the opposite ... the chronically burned out and unbalanced doctor. Now you will see certain older physicians who have this figured out. They have outside interests, seem more relaxed, have great relationships with their significant other ... I can tell you many of them went through an episode of their own burnout few years back. That burnout was how they learned the tools to create their more balanced life.

Bypass the crisis ... take the shortcut to work life balance

Here 2 Key Habits and 3 Power Tips for more work life balance this week. Each one is field tested and doctor approved.
Check them out
Pick just one
And get started today!


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The Difference: Time Off vs. Life Balance - 3 keys for vacations and holidays

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Life balance is more than just taking time off or going on vacation.

If it feels like you are drowning at work ... you need way more than a few breaths at the surface to give yourself any kind of meaningful recovery.

Here are three keys to using holidays and vacation to recharge yourself in ways that will make a big difference. These are keys to actually creating work-life balance. Use these to ensure you head back to work rejuvenated and in a better place than when you punched out.

disruptive physician toolkit

I've tested all of these in my own life and with hundreds of physician coaching clients. Now is the perfect time to try them out over this two week holiday season when you are almost certain to get at least a couple days off.


1) Your Boundary Ritual 


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9 Reasons Physicians Hate EMR - The 2013 RAND Study

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

9 Reasons Physicians Hate EMR - Findings from the 2013 RAND/AMA Physician Satisfaction Study

Hot off the Presses.
The results of the Physician Satisfaction Study sponsored by the RAND corporation and the AMA became available this week and all 152 pages are a treasure trove of information on how to lower stress, prevent physician burnout and create more satisfaction in your organization.

In short ... this is the Physician's "Love It/Hate It" list for the Clinical Practice of Medicine here in 2013


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The Formula for Physician Engagement

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

The Formula for Physician Engagement 

The Quadruple Aim Blueprint - four steps to system-wide burnout prevention. Download your copy of this Free White Paper here


Dear Physician Leader, Medical Director, CMO,

How can you get your doctors actively engaged and participating
- without having to beg or threaten - and finally become the trusted leader you’ve always wanted to be?  

There is an invisible epidemic among your doctors that has a profoundly negative effect on the quality of care and patient satisfaction in your organization right now. It actively blocks the physicians ability to trust and follow your leadership. No matter how hard you work to engage them.

Are any of these true for you:

=> Does it feel like a never ending struggle to get doctors to do the leadership work it takes to stay competitive and keep the business profitable?


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How Physicians Decide to Become Doctors

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Tell us how and when you made decision to become a physician

In October of 2013 I asked this question to the 2000 doctors who were then subscribers to the HappyMD newsletter. This page houses their stories.


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