Physician's New ADL's -  Your Activities of Daily Leadership

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Physician's New ADL's -  Your Activities of Daily Leadership

When you are a master of your basic ADL's - life is easier.

When you master the Activities of Daily Leadership - your practice gets easier too.

In this blog post, let me show you a next-level set of tools to stop working so hard, get home sooner and prevent physician burnout. The key is simple leadership skills performed on purpose every day. 

(Download the Quick Take and Action Plan Here)

Every physician I have ever met works too hard.


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Stop Physician Burnout - the Quadruple Aim Prime Directive for Physician Leaders

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Stop Physician Burnout - the Quadruple Aim Prime Directive for Physician Leaders

The modern physician burnout epidemic is a sign that doctors are at a tipping point ... as in tipping over the edge of a cliff. You think burnout is bad now ... project a future where we simply continue dumping additional responsibilities on their backs as usual.

The Quadruple Aim has the potential to turn the tide of stress and burnout, but only if we can bridge the gulf between UNDERSTANDING the Quadruple Aim and actually IMPLEMENTING it.

Let me show you a powerful way to bring the Quadruple Aim to life in your organization with a simple Prime Directive for Healthcare Leaders.


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Prevent Physician Burnout - curated resource libraries now available

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Prevent Physician Burnout - curated resource libraries now available.

When you are aware that physician burnout is not a problem and understand its true nature as a never ending balancing act, it will become obvious you will never find a solution - the key is to focus on building your strategy to maintain balance.

We teach 117 ways to prevent burnout. Each has been proven in the real world by hundreds of physicians in all specialties AND that is a LOT of options to wade through. 

We are excited to share our new curated resource libraries so you can cut to the chase and find the best burnout prevention tools quickly and easily.

Use the links below to dive into our curated collections of tools to Get Home Sooner, Build Life Balance and become a More Effective Leader.

1) CLICK HERE for Get Home Sooner Tools

Each of the tools on this page will make sure you actually get home sooner. The library includes our EMR strategy recommendations, BID Huddle power tips, Batch Processing formula, the antidote to Multitasking and much more. All just a click away.


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Announcing the Quadruple Aim Physician Leadership Retreat - Seattle, Washington, May 7 – 10, 2017

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Inaugural Quadruple Aim Physician Leadership Retreat launching in Seattle, Washington, May 7 – 10, 2017 [Press Release]

Learn More About the Retreat
and Secure Your Spot on the Early Bird Registration List
[ ]

Burnout is rampant among American doctors. One recent survey shows 54% of practicing physicians suffering from at least one burnout symptom (1). Burnout’s pervasive negative effects include lower quality of care, patient satisfaction, higher error rates and an organizational culture of resistance and disengagement.

One of the causes of this modern epidemic is twenty years of single-minded industry focus on the Triple Aim – Cost, Quality and Population Health. In 2015 a group of healthcare leaders finally asked the obvious question, “How can our organizations provide high quality medical care if our people are burned out?” The answer revealed healthcare’s new Quadruple Aim. (2)

In these chaotic times a focus on this fourth aim – the health and wellbeing of all the people providing the care – will make the difference. When physician leaders learn the skills to reduce burnout and build a more supportive culture – actually living the Quadruple Aim – better care and satisfaction, fewer errors and more engagement will be the result, naturally and automatically., Seattle, Washington 1/12/2017, the healthcare industry leader in burnout prevention training and coaching, announces the first Quadruple Aim Physician Leadership Retreat, May 7 – 10, 2017 in Seattle Washington.


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Physician Leadership's Dirty Little Secret #1

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Physician Leadership's Dirty Little Secret #1

In our work with physician leaders across the country, it has become clear that physician leadership and physician burnout share five distinct and invisible connections. No one talks about these risk factors - even in MBA training - so we have started calling them "Dirty Little Secrets".

If you are a physician leader and don't have the tools recognize and mitigate for these burnout connections ... you will struggle. So we created a new series of short, powerful trainings to help you avoid these traps that are built into the fiber of physician leadership. 

Here is the first in a five-part FREE video training series we are calling

Physician Burnout's Dirty Little Secrets
[ sign up for the whole series here ]


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Physician Leadership - the fundamental currency of leadership

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Physician Leadership - the fundamental currency of leadership 

Physicians are at a distinct disadvantage when they assume leadership roles. The top-down leadership style we absorb in our training - where the doctor gives orders, the team is expected to obey and the patients to comply - doesn't work when you are leading a work team. Giving orders is a style that falls on its face when the people you are leading happen to be other physicians.


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Physician Leadership Video Training - Leadership's #1 Skill

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

What is the #1 skill of quality physician leadership?

The answer may surprise you.

What I can tell you is that being a great clinician does not teach you this skill. In fact, our medical education sets us up to be naturally ineffective leaders.

I am not just talking about physicians in official leadership positions here. All physicians are leaders. We all have people who look up to us for guidance, answers, wisdom and vision. So let's get you the skill set you need to do a great job.

Once you learn this key skill 

  • You will see your team perform better than ever
  • And you won't be working nearly as hard as you do now

In the brief video below you will learn this master skill and the "Lone Ranger" test to know exactly when you need to throw it into gear.


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Physician Engagement Missing Step - Podcast

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

physician-burnout-physician-engagement-podcast-dike-drummond_optPatient and Physician Engagement are impossible when you miss this important first step - Podcast

Enrollment Precedes Engagement
Your patients and physicians will remain unengaged until you enroll them in the benefits of working with you. When physicians and patients understand What's In It For Me (WIIFM) and are clear that they want what you are proposing - when they are enrolled - only then will they engage and participate in their treatment plan or your practice improvement initiative. 

Here are the conversation tools you  need to enroll both patients and physicians effectively.

In this podcast interview I give you both a patient and physician enrollment scenario and the specific questions you ask to complete the enrollment process.


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Patient Satisfaction should never be 100%

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Patient Satisfaction should NEVER be 100%

Patient satisfaction is all the rage these days. It is also a never ending ethical bind for doctors. If your administration thinks you can run your practice like Disney, I know you can feel the heat of the inappropriate pressure to make everyone happy.

I am all for having a supremely satisfying visit to my doctor. It will never be like a 90 minute hot rocks, full body massage ... and when I'm the patient, I will take what I can get.

The problem with comparing a visit to my healthcare provider and
- a massage
- or a meal
- or a hotel stay
- or a trip to Disney World

... is simple. They are not comparable ... for heaven's sake.

If you think you can run a healthcare organization like Disney, you are setting up a battle between Patient Satisfaction on one side and Quality and Safety on the other


In health care, 100% Patient Satisfaction is 

- Dangerous for the physician and the patient

- Unethical and a violation of "Primum Non Nocere"

- If your employer expects this of you as a physician, it is a glaring sign of a physician leadership vacuum

If you are doing your job well ...
There will always be a small minority of patients who must leave disappointed 


How Patient Satisfaction is Measured


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Multitasking makes you stupid - do these 3 things instead

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Multitasking makes you stupid 

The neuroscience is clear, multitasking does not work. It is not a "skill" you can develop. It is not something you can possibly get good at. Multitasking is an urban myth in my opinion. In a healthcare setting, it can actually threaten patient's lives.

The reason multitasking does not work is simple to explain

Your attention - the bandwidth of your awareness - has a finite capacity. There is only so much attention to go around. You get the best results when you give ALL of it to a single task or observation.

If you are doing one thing ... say reading an MRI report on one of your patients

And you add in a second activity at the same time ... say taking a phone call (and trying to continue to read the MRI report)

Your available attention for each individual activity has instantly been cut in half. You are now half as good at reviewing an MRI report -- and your phone conversation will have half the quality it would if that was the only thing you were doing.

Congratulations - your multitasking (just two tasks in this case) has allowed you to instantly do a half-assed job. Unfortunately we are just getting started.

Here is the mathmatical relationship between multitasking and quality


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