Physician Leaders Guide - How to lead when everyone is exhausted

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Physician leaders understand COVID-19 is a unique type of disaster.

Instead of a POINT crisis and a recovery; like a 

  • Tornado / Hurricane
  • Flood
  • Terrorist attack

... where you get a KaBoom, an acute crisis and a recovery over days to weeks. You know, the kinds of disasters we have drills for, the ones we have code names for.

This pandemic is a series of slow tidal waves, overwhelming everything and everyone for weeks at a time as the wave hits, only to return months later and do it again. 

Sheer fatigue, exhaustion, even a sense of helplessness and hopelessness are common for you and your care team. 

All of us can rally and unite in response to an acute crisis. All hands on deck!

But how do you continue to lead and remain a high performance team for weeks and months on end when the tide of illness refuses to recede?

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Healthcare Leaders - 3 Questions on Physician Wellbeing

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

These 3 Questions for Senior Healthcare Leaders will reveal their opinions on the importance of Physician Wellbeing.

Sometimes it is darn difficult to tell whether your leaders understand and/or care about the stresses you are under.

  • The impact of COVID-19 - either blowing up or shutting down your practice.
  • The pandemic induced losses of 2020 Q2 forcing you to take a pay cut and laying off your essential support staff.
  • The daily death by a thousand EMR clicks and keystrokes.
  • The weekly struggle to carve out some meaning from your practice whirlwind and build in some family time and life balance. 

If you can catch your CMO or CEO in a quiet moment, here are three questions that will reveal how they view your professional quality of life.

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COVID-19 Physician Leadership - Put This System In Place Now!

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

When the battle against the virus is raging in the ER and the ICU ...

It's all hands on deck
All power to the shields
Throw everything you've got to the front lines

And rightfully so.

That is not enough!

Staffing and supporting the front line care teams is job #1 everywhere and
we can't forget the members of those care teams who are not here today

I am not talking about the workers who are simply off shift right now. Let me show you this physician leadership blind spot.

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Physician Leadership – 3 Reasons Doctors Make Naturally Lousy Leaders

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Physician Leadership Skills – Why Doctors Make Poor Leaders and What YOU Can Do About It

In ten years of coaching physicians, I have found one thing to be constant.

All physicians work too hard.

We take on too much, do too much, worry about too much try to control too much. This overwork is a key cause of physician burnout and a direct result of our medical education.

The reason is simple. You were never taught how to lead your team effectively. Key leadership skills never made into the curriculum of your medical education.

As a result, we naturally and automatically fail to tap our team's skills and experience. We block them from sharing the workload more effectively. 

Fortunately, the leadership skills to share the load are simple and can be quickly deployed in your practice day.

Here are three ways to begin your leadership upgrade.

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Physician Leadership - Trust versus Performance by Simon Sinek

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Physician Leadership - Trust vs. Performance on your Teams

Looking to build a high performing team?
Will it have physicians on it?
Let me show you a simple way to build a better team and understand the team's performance - good, bad and ugly.

Here is a video by leadership expert Simon Sinek that reveals how a military elite team picks its members - the Navy Seals. I believe the simple two-part lesson in this video is key to understanding physician behavior on teams as well. 

He asked the question:

"How do you choose people that go on Seal Team 6?"

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