Physician Burnout - Who Will Save Us

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Physician Burnout - Who will Save Us?

Let's talk about what to do when you finally realize you are on your own, that no one and nothing is coming to rescue you.


In most burnout blog posts and comments on the internet, physicians do the same thing - blame, justify and complain about the work stresses we are under.

  • Our struggles and frustrations are real
  • Our concerns are 100% legitimate
  • And yet pointing fingers and playing the victim will only keep you stuck DEEP in Einstein's Insanity Trap

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235 Proven Tools for Your Burnout Prevention Strategy

The latest survey shows over 60% of doctors suffering from symptomatic burnout on any given office day. New levels of work stress seem to pile on each week. We all daydream of a lifeline, a rescue, a refuge, a break.

It is as if we are locked high in the castle tower, at the mercy of our evil captors - EMR, MOC, Preauths, RVU production quotas, the Call Center is a mess, and my Inbox is overflowing like a plugged toilet. Surely someone has dispatched a knight in shining armor to free us from this torment.

All of these concerns are true and valid AND understand one thing ...

Complaining and dreaming of a rescue is Playing the Victim - Pure and Simple

There is no one and nothing coming to save you

This yearning only distracts you from saving yourself

Let me set a framework for addressing burnout effectively - the straightest path to meaningful change in your work day and your organization.

So you can release the urge to blame, justify and complain,
hear that little voice calling you to take back your practice,
and know how to get started. 


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The Physician Friendly Organization Scorecard

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Is YOUR organization Physician Friendly?

When a workplace becomes toxic, its poison spreads beyond its walls and into the lives of its workers and their families.

 Gary Chapman

In our work helping thousands of over-stressed doctors recover from burnout, here is one of the most frustrating scenarios:
A coaching client and I work together to stop the downward spiral and get their energy and attitude back … and yet they are trapped inside a flagrantly toxic workplace.

We have to fight the same battle with burnout every day because the conditions at work are not physician-friendly.

They are working on themselves to build more life balance and a more ideal practice, hope returning, feeling better. 

And each work day pounds them back to the bottom of the mountain in a marathon of inefficient systems, clueless leadership and sometimes outright hostility towards physicians and the basics of the practice of medicine.

It can be very disorienting, especially if your leaders say one thing and your experience of working here is completely different. Are you really seeing this?

So let's get objective, here and now:

Here is a 19-Item Physician Friendly Organization Scorecard.
How does your employer stack up?


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Our Physician Wellness Strategy Template

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Our Quadruple Aim Blueprint Webinar
The Blueprint for your Physician Wellness Strategy
Register for the Complete Webinar Replay Video

We share our 12 year, 40,000 doctor experience preventing physician burnout and our corporate wellness strategy template.

The Webinar is Ideal For:

  • Chief Wellness Officers
  • Wellness Champions
  • C-suite and other Senior Healthcare Leaders
  • All Physicians, Staff and Administrators interested in playing a role in the Wellness Strategy going forward

If you understand WHY

- the health and wellness of your people are critical to the survival of your organization

Let us show you HOW

- to build a proactive organization-wide wellness strategy NOW

Register for the Webinar Replay Here


Learn How to Design and Deploy your Organization's Wellness Strategy in our Blueprint Webinar

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Physician Leadership: a Simple Communication Tool to Avoid the Disruptive Doctor Label

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Physician Leadership:
A Simple Communication Tool to Avoid the Disruptive Doctor Label
(video training)

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If you invite physicians into your management or leadership meetings, we will diagnose the problems in the system of care with the same speed and skill we diagnose disease in our patients.

Sooner or later we will also run into any number of situations that qualify as hypocrisy: where the organization says one thing and does something completely different.

Nothing in this world upsets a physician leader more than hypocrisy. 

Download the full Disruptive Physician Toolkit Here

We see it right away, like a flashing red light. It drives us to shout, thump tables, foam at the lips and more. This undisciplined behavior results in many doctors being labeled a "disruptive physician" and their completely legitimate concerns downplayed or ignored by the other senior leaders at the table. This outright dismissal of legitimate concerns can be a major cause of physician burnout for some doctors.

Here is a Simple Communication Tool to Completely Avoid Being Labeled Disruptive and get your concerns addressed.

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Physician Leadership's Dirty Little Secret #1

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

In our work with physician leaders from 175 organizations to date, it has become clear that physician leadership and physician burnout share five distinct and invisible connections.

No one talks about these risk factors - even in MBA training - so we have started calling them "Dirty Little Secrets".

If you are a physician leader - and don't have the tools to recognize and avoid these burnout connections .- you will struggle.

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