Physician Burnout - Who Will Save Us

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Physician Burnout - Who will Save Us?

Let's talk about what to do when you finally realize you are on your own, that no one and nothing is coming to rescue you.


In most burnout blog posts and comments on the internet, physicians do the same thing - blame, justify and complain about the work stresses we are under.

  • Our struggles and frustrations are real
  • Our concerns are 100% legitimate
  • And yet pointing fingers and playing the victim will only keep you stuck DEEP in Einstein's Insanity Trap

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235 Proven Tools for Your Burnout Prevention Strategy

The latest survey shows over 60% of doctors suffering from symptomatic burnout on any given office day. New levels of work stress seem to pile on each week. We all daydream of a lifeline, a rescue, a refuge, a break.

It is as if we are locked high in the castle tower, at the mercy of our evil captors - EMR, MOC, Preauths, RVU production quotas, the Call Center is a mess, and my Inbox is overflowing like a plugged toilet. Surely someone has dispatched a knight in shining armor to free us from this torment.

All of these concerns are true and valid AND understand one thing ...

Complaining and dreaming of a rescue is Playing the Victim - Pure and Simple

There is no one and nothing coming to save you

This yearning only distracts you from saving yourself

Let me set a framework for addressing burnout effectively - the straightest path to meaningful change in your work day and your organization.

So you can release the urge to blame, justify and complain,
hear that little voice calling you to take back your practice,
and know how to get started. 


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Physician burnout, stress and performance - Video Training

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

The Relationship Between Physician Burnout, Stress and Performance - Video Training

In the Burnout Proof Live Training I always field the question, "Isn't stress a good thing too?". Here's the answer ...

It depends

Stress can motivate or destroy performance. It can drive a physician to do the best for their patients becoming the personification of the Hippocratic Oath ... or leave them curled on the floor in the fetal position too burned out to take another step. It does all of these things depending on where you are on the Stress vs. Performance Curve.

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9 Reasons Physicians Hate EMR - The 2013 RAND Study

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Hot off the Presses.

The results of the Physician Satisfaction Study sponsored by the RAND corporation and the AMA became available this week and all 152 pages are a treasure trove of information on how to lower stress, prevent physician burnout and create more satisfaction in your organization.

In short ... this is the Physician's "Love It/Hate It" list for the Clinical Practice of Medicine here in 2013

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Employed Physicians Top Gripes

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Employed Physicians Top Four Gripes

Medscape published an article this week titled, “4 Top Complaints of Employed Doctors” and it was a very interesting read. Turns out the things employed physicians complain about are basically that they are employees!  Go Figure …

Let me lay out these employed physicians gripes for you with a little detail so you will see what I mean. I will finish this article with a solid way to address all of them. These gripes are basically a cry for effective Physician Leadership.

Although the numbers are not exact, these days about half of doctors are employed physicians, either by a hospital, a medical group or a larger healthcare system. That number is rising pretty rapidly as the industry consolidates to grab the bonus pools soon available to groups large enough to qualify as ACO’s.

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EHR Implementation Struggles - 3 Ways Forward

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EHR Implementation Struggles and 3 Ways to Do It Well

In this article, I will share three important concepts that will take a lot of the struggle out of your EHR implementation. Each one of these are simple to implement and produce immediate results.

Let's face it ... doctors don't like documentation requirements no matter what form they take. Remember back to the days of paper charts for a moment ... you hated those too ... piles of them on your desk and sometimes on the office floor ... reminding you of the visits you still needed to remember and document.

The Electronic Health Record takes away the piles ... and puts a whole bunch of new stresses on us to keep our charts complete. Are things worse than in the days of paper? A significant number of physicians say yes

Here is what a recent AmericanEHR survey learned in 2012

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