Doctor Patient Communication – The Universal Upset Patient Protocol

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Doctor Patient Communication – The Universal Upset Patient Protocol

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Doctor Patient Communication can be a significant source of stress in the average office … especially when we are dealing with upset patients or angry patients.

When was the last time you had a REALLY UNCOMFORTABLE interaction with an angry or upset patient?

You didn’t know what to do or say and it left a bad taste in your mouth for days. When it comes to this type of difficult doctor patient communication – upset patients & angry patients – they can REALLY add to your stress as a practicing physician.

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Physician Burnout's Highest and Best Use

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Physician Burnout's highest and best use

From within the misery of physician burnout it is difficult to see, but there is a purpose to this suffering. Burnout actually has a highest and best use.

When you use your stress and burnout as fuel for transformation -- when you do a good job of burning out, you will look back on this as an important turning point in your life. A turning point for the better.

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Drop in Group Coaching/Support This Weekend - the Lightworker's Gathering

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Seattle, Washington Friday, March 27th, 2020

Here in Phase One of the COVID-19 Pandemic, I have been in touch with dozens of doctors and leaders in our network.

Things are stressed, chaotic, disjointed weird, dangerous, unique and confusing ... and all of us know this will be a prolonged siege rather than a two week skirmish.  

We are all beginning to realize the depth of the transition we are facing.

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There will be no returning to NORMAL here. If you think we will be back to the good old days of "the way things were last year" at some point in the future ... let me be the first to gently show you that is not going to happen.

Unfortunately the NEW NORMAL is still unformed, unclear and swirling in the midst of the acute crisis.

What does this mean for you personally, for your family, your practice, your career?

Great questions ... with embryonic answers beginning to emerge.

Let's get together and talk about it all.

I will be holding drop in group coaching hours on Saturday and Sunday from 9 - 11 AM Pacific Time here in the USA.

No cost
No obligation
A group conversation within our TheHappyMD community

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Stop Physician Burnout: The Three Laws of Personal and Practice Transformation

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

As a professional coach, I help physicians create personal and practice Transformation.


- a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance.
- or a metamorphosis during the life cycle of an animal.
==> that orients an individual/organization in a new direction and takes it to an entirely different level of effectiveness

Evolution, recasting, reorganization, rearrangement, renewal, rejigging, reworking, renovation, overhaul, revolution

There are patterns, success factors and even laws that cover this work.

Over the course of my personal life and in my experience as a coach to hundreds of physician clients - often suffering from physician burnout - I have noticed several obvious patterns in what works and what does not when it comes to this concept of transformation.

In this blog post let me show you some of the major transformation success patterns. I will call them "laws" here because they behave similar to the laws of nature - universal, immutable, inviolable ... like gravity.

These three laws are mandatory checkpoints on the way to any transformation in your life or practice.

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Physician Coaches here at

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Meet our new Physician Coach here at

Our website is committed to being a safe haven for physicians worldwide. One visit here will show you a reference library of hyper-focused tools and support for burnout. With just a couple clicks you can book a one hour phone consult with a physician coach - at no cost.

Since 2010 our island of support on the web has been available 24/7 for anyone with internet access worldwide. As I write this blog post we have 9721 members from 63 countries around the world.

We have helped thousands of physicians so far via these Discovery Session Consults and via the book and our live training events. With 25,000 web visitors a month ... the demand for support from over stressed doctors just keeps expanding.

What started out as my one man effort to serve our people has uncovered far greater need than I can address on my own.

So earlier this year I assembled everything I have learned in over 1700 hours of one-on-one physician coaching and started to build our Coaching Team.

I will hand select coaches with the following qualifications:

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