Spring burnout prevention training season is in full swing - over 1000 doctors trained last month

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healthcare speaker dike drummond stop physician burnout training lecture retreat physician leadershipApril was a busy burnout prevention training month at TheHappyMD.com

Here are the dates and trainings we delivered to well over 1000 doctors in April of 2019 -- and here is our speaking/training page where you can get us started customizing a training for your people. 

Whether you are looking to stop physician burnout or allow us to train your physician wellness champion - we offer the healthcare industry's best training experience. Over 170 organizations and well over 30,000 doctors trained to date. You can be next: Click Here to Learn More.

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1) For SVMIC State Volunteer Mutual Insurance Company 

We delivered Burnout Proof Live Workshop to SVMIC individual and group malpractice insurance clients a total of  12 times in:

  • Cookeville, Murfreesboro and Chattanooga, Tennessee
  • Lexington, Kentucky

2) We delivered the Burnout Proof Live Workshop to

3) And we also delivered half-day Burnout Proof Retreats - up to four hours of trainings - to


In May we will keep up the pace -- busting burnout myths and completing doctor's medical education nationwide

We have stop physician burnout trainings booked in AZ and AK and our Quadruple Aim Physician Leadership Retreat takes place in Seattle May 16 - 19. If you weren't able to make this delivery, our last Retreat is in Fort Worth in September. Full Details at This Link.

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