Performance, Trust and Physician Leadership Wisdom ~ Simon Sinek

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

One of the key causes of the modern Physician Burnout epidemic is the state of leadership in healthcare

Let's face it, large organizations that employ hundreds of physicians are a new development in the healthcare industry. The consolidation in healthcare continues, forming larger and larger companies, while the on-the-job-quality of life for the workers continues to deteriorate. 

Over and over again leaders emphasize numbers over mission, meaning, and culture of the group. Add COVID into the mix and it really is a perfect storm. 

  • Where did this go off the rails?
  • Where can we find new attitudes and new skills to build a healthy healthcare workplace.

In this video Simon Sinek will show you lessons he learned from the Navy Seals that can help all leaders in healthcare.


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A Physician Wellness Window is Coming in the Wake of the COVID Pandemic

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

We believe there will be a short window of wider acceptance for Physician Wellbeing in the wake of COVID-19

I have seen senior leaders marvel at the magnificent response of the physicians and staff to the crisis of the pandemic. A small percentage of them will want to do more to care for the doctors as the overwhelm recedes. This window will close when financial concerns distract these same leaders as "normal" returns to healthcare.

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Gita Pensa MD - a 12 Year Malpractice Journey - Lessons Learned

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

What lessons can we all learn from being sued for malpractice?

So many learnings on so many layers. About lawsuits and lawyers, settlements and verdicts. About human nature and most importantly about yourself and career choice to be a physician.

There is no better teacher of these lessons than Gita Pensa MD

In Physicians On Purpose (POP) Podcast #18...
Let her show you a magnificent 12 year saga of ups and downs, detailing exactly what she learned, inside and out, in the process.

POP Podcast 18:
Dr. Gita Pensa - 12 Year Malpractice Litigation Journey

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COVID-19 - Is this just the eye of the hurricane?

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Are recent decreases in COVID-19 infections, hospitalizations and deaths just the eye of the pandemic hurricane or can we really see the end of this long, dark tunnel?

We are in a race with the virus' natural ability to mutate. Is this recent lull in the action a sign the end is near or just a brief respite and the worst is yet to come?

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Six Ways to Screw Up a Physician Burnout or Engagement Survey

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

The majority of physician burnout or engagement surveys make things worse for your employed physicians.

It is a classic leadership example of good intentions gone horribly wrong.

If you fall into one or more of the six survey fails below, it is possible that your survey will make burnout worse by demonstrating just how clueless the senior leaders are about conditions in the front lines.

In this blog post, let me show you the six most common survey fails - gathered from our experience working with over 175 organizations to date. Unfortunately, many  leadership teams fall into a fail cascade with their efforts qualifying for more than one of the examples below. Before we dive in, know that surveys can be powerful adjuncts to an effective physician wellness program when used correctly. Contact us to learn how

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