Physician Burnout - Your Patients Can See the Elephant in the Room

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

New Survey shows patients can see, feel and empathize with the obvious burnout in their caregivers.

You know the elephant in the room, right?

Something shameful, dark, inconsistent, embarrassing, even damaging -- something everyone knows is everywhere all the time and we all secretly agree never to point it out or talk about it.

The first rule of burnout is to never talk about burnout (amongst ourselves).

What about the patients and their family members? They are not sworn to our code of silence.

All the same, when the Elephant in the Room is Physician Burnout - we REALLY don't want the patients or their family members to notice or speak of it either.

Is it possible to effectively hide stress, fatigue, overwhelm and burnout from our patients?

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Stop Physician Burnout: TheHappiest Doctors Build this Venn Diagram

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

In this post I will show you a shortcut to more happiness in your busy life as a physician … by teaching you how to overcome your doctor programming and build your own personal Venn Diagram of Physician Happiness.

The happiest doctors I know understand there is a Venn Diagram for career satisfaction.

By conscious planning or sheer luck, the happiest doctors have maximized the overlap of the two circles of the Venn.

Right now you probably only see one of the circles. Let me show you the second circle that will serve as a springboard to more happiness in your career.

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$103M Now Available from HHS for Your Physician Wellness Program - Will You Apply?

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

The first significant US government funding to study interventions to prevent physician and other healthcare worker burnout has just been made public.

A total of $103 Million is NOW AVAILABLE

TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE if you want to snag one of these grants. 

  • You only have until August 30th to submit completed grant applications.
  • Average size appears to be north of $2M per grant.

Contact Us Today for help in the design and implementation of your project and building the grant application.

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How to Build a Conscious Relationship With Your Career as a Physician

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

The Medical Education Process Drives Each of Us to an ALL-IN Relationship With Our Career - for better and for worse.

This exclusive career focus is one of the primary causes of burnout - especially for employee physicians - and is often not healthy for you and your family.

  • If you look to the modern practice of medicine as the single source for all the money, meaning and purpose in your life as a default setting
  • And if this singular focus is resulting in stress, frustration, despair, fantasies of quitting medicine altogether or retiring early

There are other choices available that would be healthier for you and your family. When we are coaching over-stressed physicians, making a conscious choice on your relationship with your practice of medicine is one of the most common mindset changes we teach and can be a true career saving move for a doctor teetering on the edge of burnout.

In this episode of the Physicians On Purpose Podcast we discuss the options available and how to make the mindset shift that will make all the difference. 

You can decide just what you rely on your practice for - in the context of your larger life.

Options include:

  • ALL-IN

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Are You Seeing this Delusional Behavior from Your Leadership Team??

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

We call it the SINE WAVE DELUSION and it goes like this:

  • Your organization lost money in the last year because of lower patient visit and surgery volumes due to COVID-19. It was a Pandemic Profit Crater.

  • The leadership team cut your support staff in an effort to cut expenses/save money. Keep the ship afloat, weather the storm was the thinking. Mission accomplished, you are still here.

  • Now they expect you to make up the income shortfall by producing higher patient visit volumes and RVU's than ever before, without giving you back the support staff to hit those production targets. Just Spin that Gerbil Wheel Faster! If you can see even more patients with lower staff expense, we will be able to make up last years losses. Come on, you are a team player aren't you?

  • And now doctors are quitting. Burned out and bloodied, many labeled as disruptive. It is the healthiest thing to do for you and your family in many cases.

  • You haven't quit yet - and the thought of abandoning your patients, staff and colleagues keeps you rooted to your current practice, despite these lunatic work expectations.

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