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Physician Burnout and COVID-19 Stress Survey - 3 Takeaways

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Become an Effective Physician Wellness Champion

Back in the good old days - March of this year - recall that physician burnout rates had been hovering in the 40% range for  years.

And along comes the Corona. We all feel the additional stress of the current Pandemic chaos - each in our own way.

And physicians being scientists at heart, you may have asked, "is there any research on COVID-19 impact on the pre-existing burnout epidemic in physicians ?"

With some recent article/study releases the answer is now "Yes".

Medscape recently reported out on a member survey asking questions about stress, burnout, income, loneliness and even impact on your family relationships from the 2020 Pandemic.

Let me share some selected highlights from that survey in this blog post.

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Stop Physician Burnout - the Pandemic Profit Crater & the Sine Wave Delusion

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Let me show you a classic bean counter leadership delusion that is already increasing front-line physician burnout here in the USA.

The Sine Wave Delusion happens when a physician leader does not understand patient care and assumes financial losses can be made up easily if we just spin the doctor hamster wheels faster. 

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COVID-19 Fake News Tsunami - what do you say to your patients?

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Most physicians are scientists. We believe in evidence based recommendations and do our best to persuade by logic. Right?

Unfortunately, not all humans are scientists. Not all can be persuaded by our Public Health Jedi Mind Tricks. 
When fear, deliberate misinformation, conspiracy theories, fake news and partisan politics are pumped into everyone's cell phone at the speed of light --- things get strange quickly. 

Two signs this will not end well.

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Physicians On Purpose Podcast 002 - Mark Jaben MD  - Vision Strategy Tactics

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Physicians on Purpose Podcast 002
Dr. Mark Jaben and the Vision-Strategy-Tactics Word Stack

Whenever you want to make change in your life or your practice ...
You are working with a group/team of people and you want to make sure they are pulling in the same direction ...

This Word Stack will Save Your Bacon

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Healthcare ROCKS THE VOTE to Push Back on Politics as Usual in the USA

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

August 2020 is Civic Health Month - Healthcare Supporting Voting and Voter Registration in 2020

There is a new movement at the intersection of Medicine and Politics here in 2020.

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