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Frequent Imposter Syndrome Impairs One in Four US Physicians

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

"Physicians suffer Imposter Syndrome more than other US Workers"

A headline that has every doctor and nurse nodding their head in agreement and my personal "DUH of the Week" in healthcare industry news.

Fortunately, the authors put together some pretty good recommendations for action steps in the end. Check it out. 

A new study from Tait Shanafelt MD, et al at Stanford is out:

Imposter Phenomenon in US Physicians Relative to the US Working Population


The researchers conducted a national survey of roughly 3,000 physicians between the ages of 29 and 65. In the survey, physicians ranked four statements on a 5-point scale, from “not at all” to “very true.” The statements expressed thoughts related to burnout, professional fulfillment, self-valuation and suicide.

Based on the participants’ rankings, the study authors found that 1 in 4 physicians experienced frequent or intense imposter syndrome symptoms. (bolds are mine)

AND Stronger feelings of imposter syndrome bring greater risk of occupational burnout, suicidal thoughts and professional unfulfillment.


We All Know This is True and remember how it started way back in Medical School.

The inner voice says, "What if they find out?"
... and you are off to the Shame and Guilt Olympics.

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Physician Wellness Comes First - It is the Foundation for Engagement and Performance

Posted by Dike Drummond MD


For over 50 years, hundreds of research studies have demonstrated this consistent hierarchy
Physician Wellness is the Foundation for Physician Engagement and Performance.

The Health, Happiness and Wellbeing of your Physicians and Staff will determine:

Their levels of Engagement and Satisfaction
The ease of Recruitment and the amount of Turnover in the patient care teams
The Quality of their care
The Quantity of care they can deliver
The Safety of that care and the number of Medical Errors
The level of Patient Satisfaction

[ and even the Net Promoter Score if that is what keeps you up at night ]



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Narrative Medicine: A Poem - Seeking the Sacred Space

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

STOP #PhysicianBurnout
Narrative Medicine
A Poem


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Welcome to the Newest Member of our Physician Coach Team - Susan Leggett-Johnson MD

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Help us welcome Doctor Susan Leggett-Johnson MD to our physician coach team!

Susan has completed her executive coaching and physician coach training and joins our diverse team of physician coaches at TheHappyMD.com.

Dr. Leggett-Johnson a is a certified executive coach, board-certified internist, very experienced physician executive, mom and a woman of color in healthcare who plays an active role in addressing diversity, equity and inclusion issues in medicine.

She is calm, thoughtful, an excellent listener and shares her insights from a deep well of  experience as a physician, physician leader and a woman of color navigating both clinical and leadership roles in the healthcare industry. 

Susan is an expert in helping you recognize and recover from burnout, find a path to a more ideal practice, develop leadership skills especially if you are in a named leadership position and helping moms and women of color navigate the journey to being a happy, healthy physician too.

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3 things Amazon could do with One Medical to create a Healthcare Breakthrough

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Admit their ignorance of healthcare delivery and build a truly collaborative workplace ... for starters.

Amazon is buying primary care company One Medical and the whole medical industry is holding its breath to see what a warehouse and delivery titan can do in the healthcare space.

They don't have a stellar reputation as an employer and physician burnout rates are topping 50%. I am not sure they bring anything new to the table. That level of ignorance can be an advantage if they go back to basics.

In this blog post, let's discuss the business vs. healing divide and let me show you three things Amazon could do as they acquire One Medical that would be a true breakthrough in quality care for both patients and the providers of care.

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