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The Long Tail of COVID-19 Crisis Leadership - Your Organization's Future is Now

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Attention Senior Healthcare Leaders - your personal leadership response to this COVID-19 crisis will lock in the culture of your teams for the next 5 years.

  • The tail is long
  • The time for leadership is now
  • How are you showing up?

When the pandemic forces your people to strap on their PPE for each shift, putting themselves at daily risk to serve the sick and dying - they are watching for any signs that someone has their back. 

If I asked them, would they say you are doing a fantastic job in this hurricane? 

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Are you stepping up to the challenge, maximizing your efforts to be the kind of leader people want to follow?

  • Do you have a clear understanding of what is going on in the trenches?
  • Are you are doing everything you can to give your people the tools to do their job right?
  • Are you present, visible and in daily communication - in person when possible and by every virtual means at your disposal if you cannot be there in person?
  • Have you personally said Thank You to every one of your team members in the last week?
  • Are you are rallying the troops and visiting the fallen?


Are you simply doubling down on the usual administrative punch list -- in meetings, putting out fires -- invisible to your people in the Emergency Departments, Urgent Cares, wards, wings and isolation facilities. Meetings are important ... and completely insufficient in times like these.

fundamental currency


What you do or don't do now - will be burned into the memory of everyone around you in the years ahead.

When the chips were down ... did you have my back?

Or were you AWOL and invisible in the ivory towers and management silos of the professional administrator?


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Drop in Group Coaching/Support This Weekend - the Lightworker's Gathering

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Seattle, Washington Friday, March 27th, 2020

Here in Phase One of the COVID-19 Pandemic, I have been in touch with dozens of doctors and leaders in our network.

Things are stressed, chaotic, disjointed weird, dangerous, unique and confusing ... and all of us know this will be a prolonged siege rather than a two week skirmish.  

We are all beginning to realize the depth of the transition we are facing.

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There will be no returning to NORMAL here. If you think we will be back to the good old days of "the way things were last year" at some point in the future ... let me be the first to gently show you that is not going to happen.

Unfortunately the NEW NORMAL is still unformed, unclear and swirling in the midst of the acute crisis.

What does this mean for you personally, for your family, your practice, your career?

Great questions ... with embryonic answers beginning to emerge.

Let's get together and talk about it all.

I will be holding drop in group coaching hours on Saturday and Sunday from 9 - 11 AM Pacific Time here in the USA.

No cost
No obligation
A group conversation within our TheHappyMD community


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Physician Self Care Tools in the time of Coronavirus

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Thank You and Two Powerful Self Care Tools for Physicians seeing patients this week in the Covid-19 Pandemic

Two quick and powerful tools from our coaching practice show you how to take great care of yourself between shifts - things that allow you to rise above the programming of our medical education in your hours of greatest need. AND ... 

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you!!


If you need support right now:



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Preventing Physician Burnout in the time of Coronavirus

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

"Circle the wagons"

"All power to the shields"

In times of crisis, these two phrases come in handy as sterling advice for all of us ... especially when you are a physician at the tip of the spear in the response to a global pandemic.

When times get tough, demand peaks and we struggle to keep up with the amplified whirlwind of being a doctor  --  priorities change and lots of things will get crossed off your calendar that used to seem so important before Coronavirus escaped containment. 

My advice?

Cone your focus down to just two points.

1) When you are with your patients, take great care of them and get your charts done.

2) When you are NOT with your patients ... 

  • Grab your team - those you work closest with.
  • Grab your family and loved ones.
  • Look in the mirror and check on how you are holding up

Then circle your wagons and apply all remaining power to the shields (Star Trek style) -- to thank, protect, recharge, feed and nurture - you, your family and your team with any time and energy that is left.


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Stop Physician Burnout: The Three Laws of Personal and Practice Transformation

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

As a professional coach, I help physicians create personal and practice Transformation.


- a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance.
- or a metamorphosis during the life cycle of an animal.
==> that orients an individual/organization in a new direction and takes it to an entirely different level of effectiveness

Evolution, recasting, reorganization, rearrangement, renewal, rejigging, reworking, renovation, overhaul, revolution

There are patterns, success factors and even laws that cover this work.

Over the course of my personal life and in my experience as a coach to hundreds of physician clients - often suffering from physician burnout - I have noticed several obvious patterns in what works and what does not when it comes to this concept of transformation.

In this blog post let me show you some of the major transformation success patterns. I will call them "laws" here because they behave similar to the laws of nature - universal, immutable, inviolable ... like gravity.

These three laws are mandatory checkpoints on the way to any transformation in your life or practice.


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Stop Physician Burnout - Two Little Voice Danger Signs

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Two danger signs of physician burnout from that Little Voice inside your  head.

You know that voice. In cartoons it is often depicted as an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other. When you tune in to that inner voice, it is easy to notice it talks pretty much all the time. 

Mostly random thoughts, feelings, worry, memories.

Sometimes though, it gives you a message that has meaning here and now. In our coaching practice, we have noticed two specific inner voice phrases that are nearly universal in physicians as the tip over the edge and into burnout.

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These two phrases are clear warnings of overload and potential burnout. Ignore them at your peril.


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White Coat Wellness Podcast | Episode 12 | Beyond Physician Burnout

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Stop Physician Burnout Podcast with Shane Tenny CFP

The financial planning firm of Spaugh Dameron Tenny hosts the whitecoat wellness podcast. I was a guest last week and we covered a lot of ground. Here's the podcast link. The transcript is below and here is some of what we covered.

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Stop Physician Burnout Podcast Transcript:

Shane Tenny CFP and Dike Drummond MD, CEO TheHappyMD.com


  • Symptoms, complications and prevalence of physician burnout
  • The causes of our modern physician burnout epidemic
  • How to prevent burnout
  • Coaching as a treatment and prevention method
  • How organizations can play a role in burnout prevention



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Electronic Medical Record Industry Corruption Costs Billions, Puts Patients at Risk

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

All doctors know EMR is a pain and a leading cause of physician burnout ... 

.. but few of us grasp the the depth of the depravity in the Electronic Health Industry until now.

New investigative reporting is shining the light of day on a backwater of fraud, cheating and lies that surrounded the roll out of EMR starting in 2009.

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Starting that year, $38 Billion dollars in subsidies for installation of EMR software and attestation to its "meaningful use" have been allocated by the federal government. The response of the EMR industry to that size pile of money was equivalent to giving a school of great white sharks the carcass of a dead blue whale. A similar feeding frenzy ensued. 

A significant portion of the EMR industry's response to these stimulus funds appears to have been illegal, harmful or both.  

New reporting by Fortune Magazine and Kaiser Health News is collating all the settlements and whistleblower cases into one article so we can all witness the Soprano-style attack on this facet of our healthcare industry.

Turns out some players in the industry constructed a maze of fraud, lies and kickbacks - to the tune of billions of dollars so far. (Tony would have been so proud)

That's right, multi-million dollar systemic and protracted cheating and lying in the EMR industry - already caught, prosecuted and settled for over a billion dollars in fines and claw backs to date


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Stop Physician Burnout - Resident Education and the Teachable Moment

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

A recent burnout prevention training for residents revealed the importance of the teachable moment for their future employers.

Here's how I learned this important lesson:

There are some things doctors can't really learn until the time is right -- and residency may not be that right time -- no matter how much we wish it was.

I just delivered a half day retreat for a group of residents a large east coast independent academic medical center. In planning the event, I sifted through my experience coaching hundreds of doctors who burned out after residency ... when they were in practice. I was looking for a short list of skills to answer this question:

"Given what burns out practicing physicians, what can I teach these residents now that could prevent their burnout in the future?"

Back to the future

Basically I envisioned myself as a representative of these residents future selves, coming back to teach them the tools they need to avoid physician burnout when they are out in practice.

  • So I put together a three training, four hour event
  • Delivered the trainings
  • And watched carefully to see how they landed with the residents
  • What were they able to pick up and use right away?
  • What concepts/tools went over their head?
  • What appeared to useful and what appeared to be useless at this point in their careers?

My experience gives us all some information to answer the Teachable Moment Question:

Is residency the best place to teach the tools to prevent burnout from happening when these doctors are out in practice?

Or is there a better teachable moment?


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Does National Academy Consensus Statement set stage for a Physician Wellness Turning Point?

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Will recent recommendations of the National Academy of Medicine cause meaningful action to address the burnout epidemic?

What do you think?
What are the odds this six pound consensus statement will change your daily experience of seeing patients and dealing with the digital Whirlwind of your work day any time soon?
  • Will we look back 10 years from now and say 2020 is when everything changed?
  • Do calls for a "positive work environment" mean anything when there are no recommendations on HOW to accomplish that feat? 
  • What happens in the C-suite when this call to address physician burnout clashes with the organization's drive to maximize profit and shareholder value? (even non-profits must have a margin!)
Those questions will only be answered in hindsight, years from now.
And we believe it is important you see and understand the recommendations being made on your behalf by this impressive gathering of "experts".
Get Your Corporate Physician Wellness Strategy
WellMDWorks 3-Step Process is at This Link

In this blog post let's do two things:

1) Look at a sampling of specific recommendations and what they could mean to you. I promise to focus only on those few sentences in the 300 pages most likely to effect you directly.

2) Give you a copy of the full recommendations so you can do two things:

    1. Print off two copies and carry them with you at all times.
    2. So when the opportunity arises, you can drop them on your CEO/CMO/CFO's desk and ask that they be adopted in your organization. If your boss can be influenced by consensus statements like this, you want to be ready for their teachable moment

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