Work Life Balance for Doctors – Day Hike to Hidden Lake Lookout

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

work life balance for physicians optWork Life Balance for Doctors – day hike to Hidden Lake Lookout

How to create your own “Triple Whammy” and get some Work Life Balance for yourself. And enjoy a vicarious North Cascades mountain hike with me and my mystery cameraman.

Work life balance is so important for physicians because of the draining of our energetic bank accounts that take place every day in the office. You invest physical, emotional and spiritual energy in your career with each patient you see.  When you are out of the office, it’s pay back time.

Work life balancing activities make deposits into the same energetic bank accounts and keep you out of the physician burnout zone. Some work life balance activities are more potent than others.

Watch this video to take a beautiful fall hike in the North Cascades in Washington State to one of my favorites .. Hidden Lake Lookout. At the same time you will learn why this hike is a “triple whammy” and how to create the same thing for yourself.


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