Physician Burnout Podcast Audio – From Doctor to Entrepreneur, My Story

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physician-burnout-audio-podcast-dike-drummondPhysician Burnout Podcast Audio – Moving from Doctor to Entrepreneur

Physician Burnout knocked me out of a successful career in small town family practice at the age of 40. Here is an online interview covering my journey from doctor to entrepreneur to the launch of

This interview is from Angela Schaefers; a speaker, writer and host of the inspirational interview series at her website This physician burnout podcast audio was originally published here.

Physician burnout is one version of a midlife crisis for most people. My career ending battle with physician burnout fourteen years ago has taken me on an entrepreneurial journey … a big loop back to serving the doctors with career threatening burnout just like me, back in the day.

In this physician burnout podcast audio you will learn:

  • What physician burnout feels like and how to know when you are entering the downward spiral
  • Keys to making changes to lower your stress and preventing further physician burnout
  • The core skills of a mindfulness based stress relief ( MBSR ) technique to lower your stress levels
  • My personal story of moving from career ending physician burnout to becoming a successful entrepreneur


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