Physicians: How to  Build Your Ideal Practice and Eliminate Fear of Failure in the Process

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

The key to building a more Ideal Practice is a clear target for your efforts.

Think of it as a Bullseye in an archery range where you aim yourself at the heart of a new and better on-the-job reality.

In this short physician video training lesson, let me show you a two-step process to get crystal clear on your Ideal Practice "target" and take the steps to build a better Job, Practice and Career.

Along the way I will show you how to completely eliminate any fear of failure.

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Physicians: How will your post-pandemic practice look and feel?

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

After COVID-19 is gone, what do you want your medical practice to look and feel like?

As I type this blog post it is 2/21/2021. For the first time in months, the infection, hospitalization and death rates of the coronavirus are in a free fall. We are vaccinating 1.6M people a day in the USA. Barring a variant wave in the next eight weeks, many of us can see an end to all of this, perhaps even before we wrap up the calendar year.

Now is the time to start planting the seeds of your post-pandemic medical practice. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to rebalance and de-stress your practice. There is a potential window of flexibility opening now that will last only a matter of months. How do you bridge the gap between what you have and what you really want?

The key is asking different questions and the time to get started is now.

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