Physician Burnout – Pathophysiology and Treatment of Burnout

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

In my work with over stressed physicians I have noticed a consistent misunderstanding of the pathophysiology of burnout – the hidden methods physician burnout uses to sap your energy and steal your passion for medicine.

In this post I will show you how Physician Burnout does it’s dirty work.

Once you clearly understand how physician burnout operates, you will begin to see the simple ways you can keep the normal stresses of being a doctor — from crossing the line into threatening your career, your marriage and even your life.

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Time Management is a Myth – Manage This instead

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Time management is a myth.

There is no such thing as time management.  You and I get 24 hours in each day – 168 of them in a week. No more and no less. The seconds in an hour are a fixed resource that no one can manipulate or manage or finagle or cajole or multiply. So let’s all stop focusing on ” time management ” and do something MUCH more productive instead.

Let me show you a simple checklist to
Manage Your Priorities instead

and create more work-life balance this week

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Old School Physician Burnout Quote of the Week

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

A member of our network just sent me this quote.

I believe it is meant to be some kind of funny ... or a perhaps is offered up as a twisted "reality check" to those who attempt to have healthy boundaries between work and home and run into this individual who appears to claim Iron Man status.

It is certainly old school and completely unhealthy and just plain wrong. This is the workaholic, superhero, Lone Ranger, perfectionist programming we are all victim to.  

This is the boomer philosophy that makes it impossible to have healthy boundaries and admit to any struggle. This is where Imposter Syndrome begins. I feel like I want to take a shower after I read this. You?

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Frequent Imposter Syndrome Impairs One in Four US Physicians

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

"Physicians suffer Imposter Syndrome more than other US Workers"

A headline that has every doctor and nurse nodding their head in agreement and my personal "DUH of the Week" in healthcare industry news.

Fortunately, the authors put together some pretty good recommendations for action steps in the end. Check it out. 

A new study from Tait Shanafelt MD, et al at Stanford is out:

Imposter Phenomenon in US Physicians Relative to the US Working Population


The researchers conducted a national survey of roughly 3,000 physicians between the ages of 29 and 65. In the survey, physicians ranked four statements on a 5-point scale, from “not at all” to “very true.” The statements expressed thoughts related to burnout, professional fulfillment, self-valuation and suicide.

Based on the participants’ rankings, the study authors found that 1 in 4 physicians experienced frequent or intense imposter syndrome symptoms. (bolds are mine)

AND Stronger feelings of imposter syndrome bring greater risk of occupational burnout, suicidal thoughts and professional unfulfillment.


We All Know This is True and remember how it started way back in Medical School.

The inner voice says, "What if they find out?"
... and you are off to the Shame and Guilt Olympics.

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Physician Wellness Comes First - It is the Foundation for Engagement and Performance

Posted by Dike Drummond MD


For over 50 years, hundreds of research studies have demonstrated this consistent hierarchy
Physician Wellness is the Foundation for Physician Engagement and Performance.

The Health, Happiness and Wellbeing of your Physicians and Staff will determine:

Their levels of Engagement and Satisfaction
The ease of Recruitment and the amount of Turnover in the patient care teams
The Quality of their care
The Quantity of care they can deliver
The Safety of that care and the number of Medical Errors
The level of Patient Satisfaction

[ and even the Net Promoter Score if that is what keeps you up at night ]



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