Quadruple Aim Physician Leadership Retreat April 13-16, 2023 LIVE on ZOOM

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

The Current 63% Physician Burnout Rate Points to a Massive Leadership Failure in US Healthcare. These Physician Wellness Champions Will Lead the Way Back to Caring for the Caregivers

TheHappyMD.com is pleased to announce the 12th edition of our Quadruple Aim Physician Leadership Retreat [QAPLR], April 13 – 16, 2023 Live on ZOOM.

This Physician Wellness Champion Master Class has produced 240 graduates to date, leading the wellness strategy of organizations on four continents.

Quadruple Aim Physician Leadership Retreat, LIVE on ZOOM, April 13-16, 2023. All the tools and support to be an Effective Wellness Champion for your people.

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Step One to Take Your Practice Back

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Stressed or burned out by your practice whirlwind - here is step one to take your practice back

This is part 3 of our
Take Back Your Practice Video Training Series
Lesson 1: Lightworker vs. the Whirlwind is Here
Lesson 2: Origins of the Whirlwind and Your Way Forward is Here

The current 63% physician burnout rate is a sure sign we are losing the battle between your Lightworker mission to be a helper and a healer ... and the Whirlwind of your job.

  • Your current job description is nothing more than an expression of your employers Revenue Model.
  • The day-to-day of your practice routine was never designed to satisfy your personal Ideal Job Description.

Learn how to take your practice back.

We have taught thousands of physicians this three-step process to build a more Ideal Practice since 2010.

Here is Step One:

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Stop Physician Burnout - how to reach out to a colleague in distress

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Physician Burnout - how to reach out to a colleague in distress - [VIDEO TRAINING]

If you could save someone's life in a two minute conversation, would you speak up?

The situation I am talking about isn't even really a conversation most of the time. It is just you, caring enough to ask a question. If all it took was a question to save a person's life, would you ask it?

Would you ask even if it feels awkward, takes what feels like courage, might make them uncomfortable and you are not sure what to do if they reach back to you for support?

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Machine Learning 97% Accurate in Predicting Which Physicians Will Quit

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

How did the Machines figure that out and what difference will it make?

With physician burnout rates over 60% these days and physician turnover everywhere, is this ability to flag you as a Flight Risk useful at all?

In this post, let's explore the following questions
  • What is Machine Learning and why is it so accurate?
  • What will your leaders do with this red flag? Will it do anything to help you or them take any new actions?
  • How many ways can surveillance like this be misused?
  • And I will take a first pass at all the questions this new development raises.

The Origins of Your Practice Overwhelm - the Drivers of the Whirlwind

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Let me show you the origins of the whirlwind of practice overwhelm that is responsible for today's 63% physician burnout rate.

In the last post, we showed you the nature of this battle for your heart, mind, body and soul ... and why we are losing. 

In this post let me show you the forces that created your current Practice Whirlwind ... the hidden drivers of every keystroke, mouse click and frustrating meeting you must attend in your current job.

If doctors are the "frog in the boiling pot", this is the fire underneath. 

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The chaos and overwhelm of your current job is simple to understand when you realize your job was never designed for you.

  • It was not constructed to meet your practice goals
  • Or match your career desires
  • Over 90% of physicians were never involved in the design of their current job description

If you don't understand who is in charge right now and learn how to take back your practice ... burnout is basically inevitable at some point in your career. 

Watch To Learn:
The Origin Story of Your Practice Whirlwind

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