The Whirlwind of the Practice of Medicine - Seven Ways to Step Out

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

All doctors practice medicine from within the center of a powerful whirlwind

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Your practice is a mini-tornado of:

  • Repetitive actions with your patients and staff
  • Thousands of clicks and keystrokes in documentation
  • Competing demands for your attention from email/text/voicemail
  • And dozens of decisions, some of which actually involve life and death

And that's a slow day ... right?

It is a legitimate whirlwind - a Dorothy-on-the-Kansas-prairie twister that can tie you up in knots and even make you forget you forgot lunch ... sometimes. That same whirlwind is a core cause of physician burnout too.

Our Complete Burnout Prevention Tools Library

How is Your Whirlwind Feeling These Days?

You get to decide how satisfied you are with your practice. You can do that right now quite simply - even though you have been conditioned to NOT ask yourself questions like these:


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