[LB3] Top 3 Physician Work-Life Balance Shortcuts FREE Online Video Training

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

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The most exhausting aspect of being a doctor, a nurse or anyone who works seeing patients these days … is the WHIRLWIND.

The relentless bombardment with patient after patient, EMR, InBox, messages, clicks, keystrokes … overflowing the schedule and your short-staffed team.

This Whirlwind is the reason we just created a new free online video training sharing our top three boundaries and balance trainings.

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Work Life Balance for Physicians – Three Steps to Saying NO with Elegance and Grace

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Work Life Balance for Doctors – the Power of a Positive “NO”

Choosing to go to medical school and become a Physician is a lot like inviting an 800 pound gorilla to be a permanent house guest. Gorillas are big, take up a lot of space, eat all your food and are not house trained … so there are messes to clean up every week.

Your quality of life - for you and your family - will depend in large part on a skill you will never learn in your medical education; how to say the two letter magic word of life balance. That word is "NO".

In this blog post, let me teach you when, where and how to say, "NO" with some elegance and grace.

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