Burnout Prevention & Leadership Development

Training Delivery Options
One hour to three days of world-class content

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  • You are a healthcare leader.
  • You understand the Quadruple Aim and care about your people.
  • You can see the stress and feel the heat of their frustration.
  • You want to do something about burnout and resilience, but where do even start?
  • You have been looking for quality resources and found nothing you feel comfortable bringing to your people.

We Can Help You ... 

Build Resilience & Engagement in a Single Event

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Training Delivery Options:


Evening Event / Grand Rounds / Keynote Session / Webinar


A single, 60 - 90 minute presentation of our Burnout Proof Live Workshop.

  • Fill in the hole in your people's medical education.
  • Learn to recognize Burnout in yourself and others.
  • Understand burnout's prevalence, effects and six main causes.
  • Everyone begins building their own, personal burnout prevention strategy.
  • Since this is a public training it also sends two massive ripples into your culture.
    • - You demonstrate you care by bringing them tools that work.
    • - We begin to talk about burnout amongst each other in a completely different way - honest, open dialog about the stresses of the work we do.
  • 90% of your people will rate this as "the best" or "one of the best" trainings they have ever attended -  we guarantee it.

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Half Day Training Engagement

Corporate Example:

We come to your facilities and present the Burnout Proof Live Workshop and up to two additional trainings to audiences of your choice. We have tracks for both front line providers and audiences of leaders.

Convention Example:

We provide a KeyNote / General Session of the Burnout Proof Live Workshop and up to two additional training sessions either as additional General Sessions or Breakout Sessions - your choice.

We can help you help your people with high impact training. We have thousands of hours of one-on-one physician coaching experience, have trained tens of thousands of physicians across the USA and around the world.

Our proven prevention tools, industry leading educational materials (book, online training, live training, APP) can be branded to your organization deployed in a matter of weeks for results in just 2 -3 three months.


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Half Day Retreat

We come to  your facilities and deliver a half day of content in a retreat-style setting. Content includes 90 minute Burnout Proof Life Workshop and up to three additional trainings during the onsite day. Total training time on your retreat agenda  = 4 to 5 hours.

Content can be customized for an audience of either front line providers or leaders.


stop-physician-burnout-Dike-Drummond-healthcare-speaker-mma-2014-physician-burnoutLEVEL FOUR

All Day Onsite Training Event

We come to your facility and deliver a full day of training to your providers and all staff, providing burnout prevention tools to as many people as possible throughout your organization. The day is anchored by an evening presentation of the 90 minute Burnout Proof Live Workshop.

Typical All Day Training Schedule
The schedule below is just an example. We can customize any all day event to suit your needs. You have a trainer on site for a full day. Your job is to "use them up" in whatever fashion meets the needs of your organization.

i)  Breakfast 60 Minute "Burnout Proof Live Workshop"
All Staff

ii)  Mid-Morning Leadership Training
"Transforming Physician Resistance to Change"
All front line leaders - including physician leaders

iii)  Lunch 60 Minute "Burnout Proof Live Workshop"
All Staff

iv)  Mid Afternoon Senior Leadership Training
"Quadruple Aim Blueprint Workshop"
C-suite, Board and all members of the senior leadership team

v)  Dinner/Evening 90 minute"Burnout Proof Live Workshop"
All providers, senior leadership and all significant others
Food and Drinks - usually a conference room or country club setting


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Quadruple Aim Blueprint Full Consult


Our Quadruple Aim Blueprint Consult  process installs a system-wide, proactive burnout prevention strategy within your organization.  Use this link to download the White Paper and see the full four-part strategy.

  • One committee - four areas of tight focus - lead by your physicians
  • Launched and in action in as little as two on-site days
  • Designed for rapid results and culture change
  • You build it to fit your situation using our proven blueprint
  • Full launch and ongoing support services from our experienced staff of physician coaches


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