Physician Leadership, Patient Flow and Team Huddle POWER Training

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

physician leadership team huddle patient flow optPhysician Leadership POWER UP for your BID Team Huddle

- De-stress your day
- Get your work done more easily
… and get your Team to take on more of the work load happily …
with this POWER TRAINING for your BID Team Huddle

If you are NOT holding a twice a day Team Huddle with your office staff, you are working too hard … it is that simple.

My clients and I have found that a BID Team Huddle – done consistently and well – is the single most effective way to lower your stress levels and get home earlier.

WATCH THIS SHORT VIDEO to learn Four Power Tips that will revolutionize your physician leadership skills and show you how to create a MUCH more satisfying and effective work team. [HANDOUT Link is below the video]


Click this link for the POWER UP TRAINING HANDOUT

PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT with the difference you notice the BID Team Huddle makes in Your Day.

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