Physician Wellness Retreat and the Float Plane Bucket List Dance [video]

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

The 2013 Heart of the Healer Physician Wellness Retreat was an amazing time on Orcas Island over our four days together in September

We worked on our Ideal Life and Ideal Practice Descriptions and created BIG and Little Bucket Lists ... with yoga and meditation in the mornings and whale watching and mountain hiking in the afternoons. All in the best summer weather of the year.

Here is a video of the cherry on top of the whole experience - our Float Plane flight back to Civilization


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Physician Wellness Retreat 2013 – the Heart of the Healer

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Physician Wellness and Transformation Retreat 2013

What if you were able to create a new relationship with your career as a busy physician. A “New Normal” where you designed your practice so it worked for you … instead of struggling to practice the way your current organization says you have to.

What if you could restore a sense of accomplishment and happiness to your work day and balance to your life? What if you could learn how to stop working so hard and create m ore life balance?


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