Physician Burnout and the Four Phases of Compassion Fatigue

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Compassion Fatigue is one of the psychological consequences of being a doctor

Losing the ability to feel empathy, sympathy and compassion for your patients is a constant risk for all of us.

This is a consequence of your choice to become a Lightworker years ago.

That choice guaranteed our exposure to the trauma, tragedy and agony of our patient's struggles. No one teaches you that compassion is a finite resource that must be regularly refilled or physician burnout is inevitable for all of us.

In this blog post, let me show you

  • why doctors are at unique risk for Compassion Fatigue and burnout ... it is the result of a decision you made long ago
  • how to recognize Compassion Fatigue
  • the four phases of Compassion Fatigue – where do you stand?
  • a specific method to restore your Emotional Energy Reserves and recover from your own Compassion Fatigue
  • and finish with a set of online Compassion Fatigue resources if you would like more tools or to study this important topic in more detail

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The Origin of this Lightworker’s Dilemma

Let’s start at the beginning
– the point in time where you chose to become a doctor in the first place

You remember that fork in the road?


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The Placebo Effect and Medical Apps – Is there one?

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

The Placebo Effect, Medical Apps and incorporating the human touch into digital medicine

Is the placebo effect something that demands the presence of a living human – or can we program it into cell phone medical apps?

What happens to healthcare if we can?

I must admit I have always been fascinated by the concept of placebos. You give a research subject with a documented medical condition a sugar pill – and they get better. They heal themselves despite the fact they have not swallowed anything known to have an effect on their disease. Placebos are fascinating, yet the placebo effect is what is truly inspiring.

What is it about the encounter with the researcher that triggers the placebo effect and the patient’s natural healing mechanisms? What did the doctor do or say? What did the patient hear and feel? How can we learn to use this ability to inspire the patient to heal themselves consciously?


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Talk to Your Doctor so Your Doctor Will Listen

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Talk to Your Doctor so Your Doctor Will Listen

The most common complaint about physicians on the internet is, “They didn’t listen to me”.

You were sitting in the office and the doctor was physically present in the room, but they weren’t all there. Even worse is when the doctor doesn’t try to understand what you are going through. Sometimes it can seem like they didn’t even care. Let me give you a suggestion on how to talk to your doctor so your doctor will listen.


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Dr. Oz, Electronic Medical Records, the Fifteen Minute Physical and The State of Healthcare in America

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Dr. Oz, Electronic Medical Records, the 15 minute “Physical” and what it might all mean

Did you see the press coverage for the Dr. Oz show and his “15 Minute Physical” for the citizens of Philadelphia recently?  The headline for the article in Forbes Online Magazine reads


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