Prevent Physician Burnout - curated resource libraries now available

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

prevent-physician-burnout-curated-resource-library.jpgPrevent Physician Burnout - curated resource libraries now available.

When you are aware that physician burnout is not a problem and understand its true nature as a never ending balancing act, it will become obvious you will never find a solution - the key is to focus on building your strategy to maintain balance.

We teach 117 ways to prevent burnout. Each has been proven in the real world by hundreds of physicians in all specialties AND that is a LOT of options to wade through. 

We are excited to share our new curated resource libraries so you can cut to the chase and find the best burnout prevention tools quickly and easily.

Use the links below to dive into our curated collections of tools to Get Home Sooner, Build Life Balance and become a More Effective Leader.

1) CLICK HERE for Get Home Sooner Tools

Each of the tools on this page will make sure you actually get home sooner. The library includes our EMR strategy recommendations, BID Huddle power tips, Batch Processing formula, the antidote to Multitasking and much more. All just a click away.

2) CLICK HERE for Life Balance Tools

The Schedule HACK, Date Night Secrets, a strategy to start living your Bucket List are all there.

3) CLICK HERE for Team Leader Tools

Learn tools to stop working so hard and get your team to carry more of the load in your practice day ... and be happy to do so.

4) CLICK HERE for Senior Leadership Tools

Help your people avoid burnout system-wide and hard wire the Quadruple Aim into your whole organization. 


And if you have any questions, comments or would like to share or request a resource you don't see here ... please use this form to contact us directly.



What is YOUR biggest challenge and what tools have you found effective in addressing it?

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