Dangerous Medicine - Battlefield vs. Pandemic

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Pandemic Medicine is Clearly More Dangerous than Battlefield Medicine to Front Line Healthcare Workers

1) Battlefield/MASH Unit:

  • The danger is the enemy.
  • You have specific skilled, trained and equipped people around you to protect you.
  • The act of caring for patients is not dangerous for you.
  • Your family is safe and far away.

2) Pandemic:

  • The danger is the patients.
  • Just being in the same room with them (never mind touching and treating them), especially without sufficient PPE, is an act of service that can ultimately be fatal.
  • Your family is in clear and present danger as well.
  • In Italy, 10% of the Covid-19 cases have been healthcare workers!

No Comparison ... so please Stop the Battlefield Analogies!!

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What do you think about the comparable risk?



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