Physician Burnout – 2012's Top 3 Prevention Tools

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Physician Burnout Prevention tools that work in the real world

The votes are in.

Here are the three most popular and effective physician burnout prevention tools of 2012 from our resource center here on

This year we have had 39,888 visits to the website and 4213 video views on our YouTube Physician Burnout Prevention Channel (and counting) Thank you for your support and interest in the incredibly important topic of physician burnout.

As an end of year thanks and gift, I am going to be your curator of the tools of the year and collect them all here on a single page for your viewing pleasure.

Make sure you scroll to the bottom of the page for another Physician Burnout Prevention Tool that I am sure will make the top 3 list for 2013.


Physician Burnout Prevention Tool #3

The Universal Upset Patient Protocol

Here is a script for dealing with upset and angry patients quickly, simply, effectively and empathetically.  This is a MASSIVE stress relief for the patients that would normally get under your skin and potentially ruin your whole day. The video walks you through the protocol step-by-step and there is a link to the script handout below the video frame.

Print off the handout. Share it with your team – nurse, receptionist and other staff – and all of you practice by taking turns playing the patient and applying the UUPP steps.

Click Here for the UUPP Handout


Physician Burnout Prevention Tool #2

The Schedule HACK for More Work Life Balance

This one little hack can make a huge difference in your work life balance. It allows you to always have your life schedule in your pocket and allows you to begin to be able to say “NO” will power and grace. All you need is your cell phone and an index finger.


meeting facilitator's manual


Physician Burnout Prevention Tool #1

BID Team Huddle Power Training

And the winner is the #1 way to optimize your patient flow TODAY. If you are not holding a BID 3 minute huddle with your patient flow team … you are working too hard and wasting a lot of time, guaranteed. Here is a complete video training on how to do a team huddle with some power. Below the video is the checklist handout for you to take to your first Team Huddle and start the new year off on a new foot.

CLICK HERE for the BID Huddle Power Training Checklist Handout


Before You Go …

If you have an hour to spare,  the questions in the 2013 Breakthrough Process below can change your life in the year ahead.

Your answers will lay the foundation for your best year yet
- Your top achievements and biggest things you learned in 2012
- The things that are incomplete here at the end of the year and what you want to do about them

Then you create a simple strategic plan for 2013
- Your top goals
- The people you want to be closer to
- New skills you want to learn
- Adventures you want to take
- Problems you want to resolve
- and what things you simply want to let go of

Power It Up  With a Custom Guided Imagery Download:
I have even included a Guided Imagery Audio experience that dramatically increases the fun and power of your planning session. It takes you on a journey to a year from now. You can look back from the future to see what a great year 2013 was … and get valuable information on choosing your goals.

The entire process is FREE to help you kick off the New Year with some power

CLICK HERE for the 2013 Breakthrough Planning Process
This is a PDF document you save to your computer and print out to complete the process. It contains full instructions.

CLICK HERE for the 2013 Breakthrough Guided Imagery Audio download
This is an mp3 audio file you download to your computer to listen at your convenience. You can also upload it to your cell phone or any other mobile device for listening on the fly.

 Be safe and have a great New Years Eve,

Watch lots of new tools and resources to help you lower your stress and prevent burnout in the months ahead.


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